Review: Our Postmortem By And The Professors

Holy Cow!  I love this album so much I just don’t know where to start.

Firstly you need to go and listen to it over at Bandcamp. Just come back here when you’re done. Take your time. I’m happy to wait.


It’s great, right? What did I tell you. Well it’s a collaborative effort with (amongst others) members of The Honeydogs of whom i’m a big fan. I guess if you really insist of categorising music you’d put it in the Baroque Pop / Chamber Pop hole, but lets not do that. I’m struggling to think of a similar band but the best I can do at the time of writing is The Leisure Society.

Knowing that a mere review can never do justice to this album i’m going to sign off and just spend the afternoon listening to it on loop.

I’d be pretty surprised if this didn’t end up as my #1 number for the Audities Best of 2013 list.

Listen. Enjoy. Buy.

make it happen, Jerome!

Did you miss me? I know, bad me, for missing out last week and this week’s Monday deadline. I am going to make up for that by spinning you 10 whole reviews at the fast paced rate you have come to love me for. Hold on to your wallets and start spending. THIS is your holiday shopping gift guide! Time to pop it up with all your friends! Let’s GOOOOOOOOO!

The Honeydogs
What Comes After
You still can’t go wrong with the Honeydogs, they always have engaging, interesting music. I love the vocal style of the band, it feels real and pulls you right in.

The Wellingtons
Hey Hey
A fun poppy explosion of awesome is what makes this EP a winner in my book. I love the Wellingtons, and this does nothing to deter that love any more. Keep it up you crazy cats!

Mike Keneally
Wing Beat Fantastic Songs Written by Mike Keneally and Andy Partridge
Interesting record from these two. Fits along most of the other music being done by Andy Partridge these days, very artful and loose, but lacking in a certain punch.

Gavin Guss
On High
Pretty great album from this guy. Very much the classic power pop sound, very well produced and professional sounding. Definitely worth checking out.

Ruby Free
Introducing Ruby Free
Awesome album from Maple Mars’ Rick Hromadka and his wife. It is very fun and retro sounding, fun song ideas, and a general good time is had by all.

Mando Diao
Awesome album in Swedish. I don’t know what the songs are about, but they have the classic Mando Diao sound. I feel like there is an extra depth of meaning in these songs, they feel much more personal.

Bryan Scary
Daffy’s Elixir
Amazing record from Scary. He specializes in over the top pop-rock that is loud, engaging, exciting, and interesting. He pulls out all the stops for this one, a great record.

Live 2012
Live album. Fine, but did not do much for me. Coldplay has a ton of great songs, and they played most of them.

Rachael Yamagata
Always good to hear from Rachael Yamagata, and this album takes on the more heartbreak themes she is known for. There are no jaunty numbers on this one, but they are all great songs by any standard.

Michael Andrews
Spilling a Rainbow
After researching who did the best theme song of the fall season, Ben and Kate, I found out it was by Michael Andrews, so I checked out his album. There are no songs resembling a theme song here, but it is good, slow, interesting pop. I liked it.

Classic Picks Revisited – The Grays, The Honeydogs

I decided to take a look back to the past and delve into some albums I haven’t heard in full in several years! Albums which I constantly tell people to check out, but do I really know what these are about? That’s what I aim to find out in this project. This weeks’ project looks at two albums, separated by a decade. How will they stand up? See below!

The Grays – Ro Sham Bo
The Grays - Ro Sham BoI have long maintained that The Grays album Ro Sham Bo is one of the best pop albums of all time. I decided to take another listen today, and realistically speaking, it has its flaws. If anything, it relies too heavily on the alt-pop sound of the early 90’s. Each songwriter brings his own unique style to each song, so as a result, it comes off as inconsistent. Jason Falkner’s perfect pop shines lights all around, greatly contrasting with the darker pop of Buddy Judge and the overly intricate, effects heavy Jon Brion songs. Combined, these simply sound like 3 different early 90’s alt-pop EP’s put on shuffle. Any attempts to create a cohesive experience by having the same players on all tracks is put to rest by Brion’s “Not Long For This World”, a jagged spike cutting off the last third of the album. The remainder of the album fades out with no real focus or unity.

So maybe I can pull back my reverence for this album. However, it still contains some of the best pop songwriting ever put on disc. The highlights include Falkner’s “Very Best Years” and “Both Belong” as well as Brion’s “Same Thing”. The work these artists would go on to do overshadows this early work, but it should not be ignored for fans of this type of music.

The Honeydogs – 10,000 Years
The Honeydogs - 10,000 YearsMusically, 10,000 Years is The Honeydogs most ambitious effort. The music all feels like it belongs and is crucial to the story. There are a couple great stand-alone songs on here, and they achieve further impact by repeating themes in later songs. Lyrically though, it falls short for a couple of reasons. Listen, I’m all for concept records, and this does not even feel that much like a concept record, but trying to translate these songs to their impact on my daily life is next to impossible. Much of the lyrics are in the third person and do not lend themselves to any value beyond the meaning within this context. Also, the lyrics are quite obtuse at times. This does not make for memorable lyrics. Picking this record up after a couple of years, the song titles didn’t even give me much to go on as far as remembering what the songs sound like. I did remember “Poor Little Sugar” and “10,000 Years” but probably because they are the only two with repeating choruses. Don’t get me wrong, I love this album, but it really only works within its context, and that doesn’t offer very good options of songs to use to spread the word of The Honeydogs’ greatness.