Featured Album – The Spinto Band – Cool Cocoon

The Spinto Band – Cool Cocoon

3 Stars

3 Stars

The Spinto Band - Cool Cocoon

The Spinto Band – Cool Cocoon

When it comes to airy gentle indie pop, you can’t seem to go wrong with The Spinto Band. With their high-pitched vocals, dreamy soundscapes and themes of love and loss, they typify what it means to be an indie band. But if that turns you off, maybe stick with it a bit longer. There are real influences here that harken back to classic sixties pop, and a retro feel that is their own.

It is hard to pigeonhole this music, because it offers a unique approach to music that is interesting and beautiful.

If I had one complaint, it might be that it becomes a bit samey at times, it doesn’t seem to really want your attention, so fades to the background easily. But this could be a strength in some people’s eyes. All in all, I think it is an enjoyable, interesting record.

It’s like this, see, music reviews, got it?

Good day my fellow music fans. Wanna hear about some albums I listened to? Well, you’re in luck, I have 5 fresh new reviews to read. Good luck you sillies!

James Iha – Look To The Sky – I’m no Smashing Pumpkins fan, but I do like James Iha, mostly through his association with Adam Schlesinger. This record is a bit darker than his first, but is pretty good. James’ light vocal fits well with the music, and has a good sound.

Norah Jones – Little Broken Hearts – I have like Norah Jones a little over the years, but when I heard Danger Mouse produced this I had to check it out, since I loved Broken Bells so much. This follows in very much the same vein as that, and Norah’s vocals fit in nicely, but it feels kind of forced in parts, and I’m not sure we’re getting everything Norah has to offer, or if she even has anything to offer.

Soundtrack of our Lives – Throw It To The Universe – While TSOOL have a bunch of good songs to their name, they are also saddled with tons of just OK songs. I have grown tired of their endless records, I think they would benefit from an editor, but keep it up anyway dudes.

Spinto Band – Shy Pursuit – I like the Spinto Band because they deliver fun, light songs, in a good way. I like this album a lot, very engaging and unique.

Wiretree – Make Up – A bit rockier than their other albums, but highlights this band’s ability to make good, rocking music, that is smart and catchy. It is a pretty good album.

Thanks Bunches!!

Ah, America. We must celebrate our coming into being this week! We do that by stuffing ourselves!! Too cool! All other countries, just ignore the following, and move on the the reviews. But for you Americans, remember to thank yourself for being so cool and welcoming my awesome reviews pretty much every week. I know how much you readers sit in wait for my next post. Oh boy, you say to yourselves, what amazing releases we he hip us to next? Well, you all just need to calm down. I want to THANK YOU for caring, and reading, and occasionally commenting. It rocks! See ya soon!

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It’s the holiday season – review-o-matic!

Well, here we are in the holidays. And if you’re like me, you can never figure out what to get people. So, I offer the following releases that may be the perfect stocking stuffers. Of course, if your family and friends, like mine, doesn’t really like your music, or don’t like listening to CDs, I offer the following options: 1) a collage – cut out pictures from the liner notes and glue in a creative way 2) Melt down the plastic and mold into a statue of yourself 3) Just keep the CDs and re-gift that horrible sweater they sent you last year! Whatever you do, go check ’em out!

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