What?! You’re telling me there’s only three left?

It is a mystery that brings me to you all today. Isn’t that rich? Send in the clowns, Bozo.

Redd Kross
Researching The Blues

Redd Kross are back with a bang, at least at first, they hit us with 3-4 powerful intense songs, but by the end of the record they relax back into a pop soundscape that is all their own. Combined, it makes for a great listen, and no one song really defines the record. It’s just all good.

Mike Viola
Acousto De Perfecto

You simply can’t go wrong with Mike Viola. This time, he takes a bunch of old songs, a couple new ones, and runs them through a stripped down acoustic format, which really brings out the lyrics and the message of his music. It is so very good.

Kevin Tihista’s Red Terror
On This Dark Street

Another guy who kind of just sits there under the surface, always working on something, always releasing new records. His whispered vocals have always intrigued me; it is a good rainy day record.

Eytan Mirsky
Year of the Mouse

Eytan always delivers a great set of songs. This collects many more great songs and stories. Using great tunes, humorous lyrics (at times), and a strong consistent voice, it makes for a fun and engaging listening experience.

Australia 1999

Another live bootleg LP from this band, which is ostensibly the greatest band of all time, but really you do not get the full picture with a live recording, it doesn’t offer too much in the vein of improvements on the songs, but still fun to revisit songs from that time.

It’s a Three-for-All!

And now, a few eMusic Recommendifications for your consideration.

We’ll start with Jigsaw Days from The Well Wishers. This new release from Jeff Shelton (ex-Spinning Jennies) is among the top Power Pop releases of the year to date, and in addition to recalling artists like The Posies, Teenage Fanclub, Sloan, Supergrass and XTC, also has moments where it leans a bit heavier into the “Power” than the “Pop.” Like most bands working this genre, Shelton isn’t really looking to do anything new. But he’s doing a very good job cranking out earnest, tuneful guitar pop. Very cool, very recommended. Continue reading

5 Reviews A Week (Week 1)

Hey, glad to finally put my first post out here. I thought to start off I would just give some viewpoints on some recent releases. Some are more pop than others, but hopefully all are appealing. Enjoy, check these records out, and let me know what you think

Elf Power – In A Cave – 3 out of 4 – I always enjoy Elf Power, and they have consistently released great Continue reading