Dunce Cap Pop Top


Salim Nourallah
Hit Parade
Always great to hear something by Salim Nourallah, and this album just keys you right back into his laid back style and takes off.

Martha Wainwright
Come Home To Mama
Awesome to hear back from Martha, and this album has it all, slow ballads, high tempo rockers, acoustic, she even revisits some old songs. Lyrically as strong as ever, and she can really pull at your emotions.

Imani Coppola
The Glass Wall
I love the Little Jackie stuff, and this solo album from Imani definitely takes a much more modern approach (is that some dubstep?), but it is good stuff still, and really gets you moving.

Sara Melson
The Beachwood Canyon Sessions
Some slower acoustical, pianoish singer songwriter stuff make this a listenable and interesting EP. Hints at what could be done with a full album treatment, I think some variety would help, but still is a good listen.

Eytan and the Embassy
Everything Changes
You’d think I would get tired of hearing another guy singing guitar driven pop music, but it really never gets old. I think this guy does a pretty good job at it. It is quite a fun, danceable album.

Time to go!

OK, people, this is it. We gotta make this year a good one, we are finally getting a bit of a flood of new music, so I am about as happy as a clam. I would know because I am a clam. So the challenge I put out to all of you right now, is let’s go! Let’s do this thing! What thing? I don’t know. Seriously. Then why are you telling us to…? Umm, well, it just means that…uh…well you know, let’s go! Whatever.

Fastball – Little White Lies – *** – Continue reading

Oscar Round-up

Had you going there for a second, huh? No, this blog will not be mentioning the Oscars in any way. Nope, I won’t mention the horrible mash-up during the best song nominees presentation, nor the bizarre attempt to revive the corpse of the musical. That would just be insulting to your intelligence. I mean we can all think for ourselves, we don’t need any corporate oversight committee telling us where we should get our entertainment. So here are some alternative viewpoints on what’s good in music. Now, I have to get to the movie theatre…to…see…Slumdog Millionaire…yes, master…must obey…

Mark Olson & Gary Louris – Ready For The Flood – *** – Continue reading