Music insanity!

I have been so slack in posting lately! Here’s a bunch of great releases you need to check out.

Travis – Where You Stand – I’m a lifetime fan of this band, they really can’t do much wrong in my eyes. This album was really a lot of fun.

Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion – Wassaic Way – More of the fuller sound that brought them to my ears a couple years ago, this album is a good companion piece, but not as sticky as that other one.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Fly By Wire – A bit more flighty and sweet than previous albums, this one is a grower, and eventually came around to be pretty great.

Franz Ferdinand – Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action – Another grower for me. At first, I thought it was a bit stuck in a rut, but as the songs repeated themselves in my head, I saw that the same power is there in the songwriting.

Robbie Fulks – Gone Away Backward – A bit more on the serious side, as the last few albums have been, this is still classic Robbie Fulks, and well worth the price of admission.

Saves The Day – Saves The Day – a wonderful return to form for this band which took a weird turn for a few years there, but this album is full of energy, brightness, yet still retaining that skewed perspective that makes them so unique.

Valley Lodge – Use Your Weapons – bubblegummy, poppy fun. It is wonderful and does not let up till the end. Highly recommended!

Alexander Von Mehren – Aéropop – Loungey, baroquey fun from this guy. It’s a great sound, done very well.

Adrian Bourgeois – Pop Art – epic in scope (and length) this album covers a lot of ground. Yet all of it is pretty good. Just some of the best pop music I have heard in a long time. Keep it up!

The Nines – The Nines – The return of this artist is well worth the wait, with what seems like an album of singles! So good!

Any Version of Me – We Are You – Great pop music! I like this a lot!

The Candle Thieves – All’s Well That Ends Well – Great piano pop!

Coke Belda – Coke Belda I – Good baroque-ish pop, just good stuff. Listen, OK?

The Starfolk – The Starfolk – Awesome, laid back, smooth pop!

The Polyphonic Spree – Yes It’s True – the return of this band is good, but the album hasn’t really hooked me like earlier ones did. The sound is still there, but its a bit stale.

International Pop Overthrow Vol. 16 – I always enjoy these compilations, there are a lot of good nuggets here. These days I listen to so much new music, that much of this goes in one ear out the other, if I had the time, I am sure I would find a lot to explore here.

The Mother Hips – Behind Beyond – Goodness from this band who always deliver solid tunes with a breeziness yet a powerful sense of a purpose of some sort.

Still crazy after all these reviews…

Hey all you crazy fools! I can’t believe you are still reading. Here are some reviews for you. Hey, how’ve you been? Oh cool, sounds good. Yeah, I’ve been thinking that myself! Small world, right? Ah well, let me know how ya do! Thanks!

Jack White – Blunderbuss – a pretty good record, it does branch a little from the White Stripes sound, but I doubt this would be any different under the White Stripes moniker. Jack is Jack and will be for all time, so surrender to it!

Mystery Jets – Radlands – apparently inspired by Bruce Springsteen’s Badlands, the Mystery Jets step a bit from their neo-Brit-pop leanings and create a kind of tune-less experiment, and if you know me, I needs me some catchy melodies, and I got none off of this!

Zeus – Busting Visions – this record kind of goes all over the place. Kind of a 70’s music primer, it touches on classic power pop, classic rock, and blends it in the modern approach to indie-rock. Perhaps leans a bit too much to plain old classic rock for my tastes, but an interesting record anyways.

Megan Joy – Megan Joy – I followed this former American Idol contestant after Bleu wrote and produced some phenomenal songs for her. While those songs do not appear on this EP, she has an interesting, if not unique, voice, and delivers soulful songs very competently, worth checking out if you like that sort of thing.

Train – California 37 – I got into Train when they dropped Drops of Jupiter on us (pun intended) and have stuck by, even as they have transformed into this obnoxious joke of a band. I’ll admit, they have some catchy numbers, but I can’t take them seriously anymore. Great job fellas, you really blew it.

Music mayhem

So here’s another week, with another batch of reviews. I wanted to address my rating system. I feel bad, like I am always giving people 3 stars or thereabouts, which doesn’t give much to work with. It stems from this 4 star rating system, which is limiting, I suppose. I like it to be limiting, because it makes it easier for me to keep track of it. So I am going to try to explain my ratings: Continue reading

Oscar Round-up

Had you going there for a second, huh? No, this blog will not be mentioning the Oscars in any way. Nope, I won’t mention the horrible mash-up during the best song nominees presentation, nor the bizarre attempt to revive the corpse of the musical. That would just be insulting to your intelligence. I mean we can all think for ourselves, we don’t need any corporate oversight committee telling us where we should get our entertainment. So here are some alternative viewpoints on what’s good in music. Now, I have to get to the movie theatre…to…see…Slumdog Millionaire…yes, master…must obey…

Mark Olson & Gary Louris – Ready For The Flood – *** – Continue reading

What what?

Hey everybody! Here’s where I normally write a bunch of useless garbage and random non-sequitors, ending with a plea to read my blog. That will not happen this time, I promise. Remember, promises are the key to your eternal happiness. It only takes one to make an elephant walk. Now read my blog!!

Modern Skirts – All Of Us In Our Night – *** – Continue reading

The first of 2009

Ok, here we are, 2009, it’s gonna be great! Let’s get started!

Andrew Bird – Noble Beast – ***1/2 – More goodness from Andrew Bird. I think it finds the happy medium between the Mysterious Production of Eggs album and the Armchair Apocrypha album, having some of the lightness of Eggs with more of the electronic instrumentation found on Armchair.

Antony & The Johnsons – The Crying Light – *** – Continue reading

The Last of 2008

OK, this is it, the final review blog of 2008. It was a great year for music, but 2009 looks like it will be hitting us with some winners. Find out more in my next exciting blog! It’s getting kinda crazy around here, what with all the winter madness shaking things up. Hey! I just saw an awesome concert yesterday, by Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles. A fun, rip-roarin’ show, I even got to meet the band, a bunch of nice fellas and lady. Check my facebook for pics. Otherwise, have fun for ’09!

For The Kids Three – *** – Continue reading