Finally, FINALLY we’re starting to treat the RIAA like an organized crime syndicate. Check the latest on a RICO class-action in Missouri, via Slashdot:

“In Atlantic Recording v. Raleigh, an RIAA case pending in St. Louis, Missouri, the defendant has asserted detailed counterclaims against the RIAA for federal RICO violations, fraud, violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, prima facie tort, trespass, and conspiracy. The claims focus on the RIAA’s ‘driftnet’ tactic of suing innocent people, and of demanding extortionate settlements. The RICO ‘predicate acts’ alleged in the 42-page pleading (PDF) are extortion, mail fraud, and wire fraud.

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Electing your musical futures…it’s that dumb reviewer guy again

Alright, now that the election is over and the world is saved by Barack, we will all be rich, war will be over, and all we’ll do all day is listen to music. So to get us ready for this Utopia, I present a few records that should be sampled by all. We’ll do a vote on these records, so send me your votes, and I will tally them up, and, as the sole electoral vote, I will choose who gets to win. Onward Democracy!

Built By Snow – MEGA – *** – Continue reading

Freezing cold warmth…review time!

Hiya everybody, got another set of review for you, it’s kind of weird, once I stopped trying to keep to a schedule, suddenly, I have been able to keep these almost weekly. I guess once the pressure’s off to produce, it doesn’t hurt so much when you’re late. So, it has been really cold around here lately, I’m thinking I need to move to a warmer climate, of course popping in some of these tunes can help warm my frozen heart once again. Enjoy.

Andy Bopp – This Guitar Kills Singer Songwriters – *** – Continue reading

Howzabout dem apples, a new review blog from me!

Alright, we are the throes of fall, and as such, it’s time for some yummy apples, five of which I offer you below. These fresh fruits fell on my head recently, knocking out all sense and leaving me with a strange desire to bathe myself in apple cider. So please bear with me as I watch this leaf CHANGE COLORS IN MY VERY HAND!!!! Creepy. Well, enjoy.

Cliff Hillis – The Long Now – ***1/2 Continue reading

Our national treasure…5 reviews for all

You know, it not often that we encounter a situation where the ultimate result is both a combination of what makes us really and at least a small part given to the answer we are looking for. Hopefully this blog will help to define what really makes us get out there.

Paul Westerberg – 3oclockkreep – *** – Continue reading

5 Reviews this week – cool as a cucumber

Well, I’m back, and cooled down since last week’s rant. I got some new CD’s since last time, and will be coming at you with some sweet reviews of all that has been bouncing in my ears as of late. This week, I think I got a good mix, let me know how it hits you. I love typing into a vacuum as much as the next guy, but we need to get some conversation going, and keep this blog breathing. I’m as guilty as all, just reading and leaving, but it would be cool to get this thing active!

David Yazbek – Evil Monkey Man – *** – Continue reading

5 reviews whenever i feel like it…OK?!

OK, this blog is now the 5 reviews whenever I feel like it. You know, I always complained when comic book writers broke from a monthly cycle or something. And that’s because comics take like 10 minutes to read the first time, not realizing all the work that has to go on. I mean I relate to that. Coming up with these reviews amount to the same amount of hard work that goes into drawing and writing a comic book. I mean for one, I have to, like, listen to them, which takes like 45 minutes or something. Then, uh, I have to write the review, and determine a star rating based on over 500 categorical themes. And that takes like 2 minutes, so in all, to get these out weekly would take AT MINIMUM 4 hours – A WEEK! That’s crazy, no way would I possibly be able to do that on a weekly basis. No way.
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