Reviews: EP and Covers Edition

Here’s a twist, howzabout some EP’s to whet your palette, and then an onslaught of incredible covers? How does that hit ya, grandpa?????

Little Infinity

Always good to hear new music by Ash, even if it is covers! They bring their unique sound to some classic songs, some familiar, others not as much. It is a fun departure and worth the price of admission!

The Mavericks
Suited Up and Ready EP

Ah yes, the Mavericks are back, and as good as ever. Their signature sound is all present here, and this preview of the new album bodes very well for that. I for one am very excited to hear that later this year!

Love Lost For Blood Lust (Part I)

Another great return! I thought Bobgoblin was all but gone, leaving the path open for Adventures of Jet to take over, but it turns our Bobgoblin was bubbling along all the while, lying in wait for the attack! And what an attack, the first of a couple EP’s, this had me remembering back to when I first heard about these crazy kids!

The 88

The 88 have been kind of staying under the radar, but always deliver fantastic music. It is imaginative, engaging and powerful music. This EP highlights the best of what they do, driving rhythms, telling stories, and singing in that weird but wonderful way. Keep it up!

Michael Carpenter
S.O.O.P. #5 – Songs of Other People

More great covers from Michael Carpenter and friends. Each track features another great singer from all over the world. This international affair makes for a varied and fun album. Gotta love the Hollies cover, and really any of them are great songs you will want to play again and again.

Audities: Best of 2009

Rank Artist // Album
1 Brendan Benson // My old, familiar friend
2 Roger Klug // More help for your nerves
3 Chris Richards // Sad sounds of the Summer
3 Jason Falkner // All Quiet on the Noise Floor
5 Green Day // 21st century breakdown
6 Paul Steel // Moon Rock
7 Phoenix // Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
8 David Mead // Almost And Always
8 Tinted Windows // Tinted Windows
10 Wilco // Wilco Continue reading

Happy Independent Blog Day!

Hallo folks. It’s been quite a week. As we sit back and think about the invention of America, we must reflect on all the stuff we blowed up real good. I am also realizing it has almost been an entire year since I started writing these reviews. In fact my first review blog was on July 8 of last year. So, I suppose I should have waited a week to post that fact. But whatevs, I might not even blog next week. So yeah, that’s interesting. Here’s some stats for ya!

I have posted 32 blogs, with 5 reviews each, so I have reviewed 160 records. Wow. That actually surprises me. My weakest month was November, with only 1 post, but I made up for it, with 4 posts each the next two months. Overall, a successful experiment, I have felt really good, writing these and delivering you, my fans, a heaping helping of cool records to give a listen to. I hope you all have enjoyed it. Let’s make it 200 records for the next year!

Tony Cox – Unpublished – ***1/2 – Continue reading