Featured Album – Time Machine by Secret Friend

Welcome to 2013 fans and friends! I’m going to try writing longer-form reviews this year. Who knows what may happen!

4 Stars

4 Stars

Secret Friend – Time Machine

Secret Friend – “Time Machine”

An awesome album to start the year off with, this record has a lot going for it. The foundation of the music is firmly rooted in classic 70’s singer-songwriter pop. It’s your basic Andrew Gold, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Emmit Rhodes type of sound. It’s got lots of piano, clean acoustic guitar, drums, and throw in some horns and strings for good measure. If you love that sound, you will be into this record. A lot.

This album is the brainchild of Stephen Fox, someone I know nothing about, except he’s from Australia. What brought this to my attention was his recruitment of some of my favorite artists to play, sing, and produce the record. That’s Willie Wisely on Lead Vocals, bringing his laid back tenor to serve this material very well. On Background Vocals, we have Kelly Jones, and she sings lead on a great jazzy song “He’ll Never Know Me.” Producing and playing is Linus of Hollywood. A formidable pedigree if you ask me.

These contributors bring a lot to the project, but the real star here is the songs, with great, classic, “have I heard this before?” sounding melodies, and strong, interesting lyrics. These songs are often heartbreaking, each a story in itself. The themes go from lighter, universal love songs, to darker, personal lyrics of the type where if you aren’t paying attention, you might not even notice the darkness. Take “Killing Time”, a fun fast-paced sounding song, about a very dark topic. It took me 2 listens to suddenly “get” it!

Overall, it is a great record, which lovers of that classic pop sound will be attracted to. It is strong enough that it could convince some hard-headed music fans to dig in.

what makes a thing a thing?

here they are.

John LT
Suburban Superstar
Fun little poppy thing. I had not heard about this guy before, but it sounds like he’s got some good chops. A lot of just great fun pop/rock songs.

The Trews
Thank You And I’m Sorry
It sounds like all their other records. Very well polished, loud pop/rock with a soulful voice. Hey, I applaud consistency in all forms.

Tim Adams and Mike Viola’s Harem
Songs from the movie “That’s What She Said”
Mike Viola does it again! A collection of songs he and Tim Adams wrote/produced, all sung by the best female vocalists out there, including Kelly Jones, Rachael Yamagata and Nicole Atkins. Love it!

Tony Scalzo
My Favorite Year
The new album from Fastball’s Tony Scalzo. Very much in the same vein as that music, but a lot less polished, and seems more personal. I like that a lot.

Eric Burdon & The Greenhornes
Eric Burdon & The Greenhornes
Bluesy EP from former Animals lead singer and the Greenhornes. All parties seem to keep their authenticity, but it doesn’t really move me.

It really Bloggles the mind

Hello there friends and enemies. I hope this letter is finding you well. I’m sure you’ve heard by now the really wonderful news. That’s right, this blog has become the number one source for misinformed and questionable judgement on all your favorite musics. Congratulations. Try to keep up, now would you? But, onward and upward, that’s what I always say. And today is no exception! Check out these sweeeeeet records, and let me know how you feel about them. Don’t wait! Participate!

Paul Gilbert & Freddie Nelson – United States – ***1/2 – Continue reading

Howzabout dem apples, a new review blog from me!

Alright, we are the throes of fall, and as such, it’s time for some yummy apples, five of which I offer you below. These fresh fruits fell on my head recently, knocking out all sense and leaving me with a strange desire to bathe myself in apple cider. So please bear with me as I watch this leaf CHANGE COLORS IN MY VERY HAND!!!! Creepy. Well, enjoy.

Cliff Hillis – The Long Now – ***1/2 Continue reading