At least, put the money in my hands.

So another week has passed by, with only the melancholy of life to keep us going. woe is me. Artists
A Tribute to Repo Man
An interesting album. A great LA punk soundtrack makes this film really great. So it is cool to hear some good bands paying their tribute. Well done, folks. & Brittany
Start Sinning
The new album from John Faye continues the greatness. His strong voice, and good rocking songs make for a great combo, and this album is a lot of fun. Artists
It’s OK To Do Stuff
Funny parody album of Free To Be You and Me, features great comedic minds doing funny bits. Pretty short, but fun. Family
Holiday EP
FREE! Good stuff from Fiction Family, original Christmas music, it is pretty good and is keeping up the unique sound., Rosetta!
A Cup of Kindness Yet
Tons of Christmas music comes out, and much of it gets buried in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, this EP from Hey Rosetta is good, and engaging.