Audities: Best of 2009

Rank Artist // Album
1 Brendan Benson // My old, familiar friend
2 Roger Klug // More help for your nerves
3 Chris Richards // Sad sounds of the Summer
3 Jason Falkner // All Quiet on the Noise Floor
5 Green Day // 21st century breakdown
6 Paul Steel // Moon Rock
7 Phoenix // Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
8 David Mead // Almost And Always
8 Tinted Windows // Tinted Windows
10 Wilco // Wilco Continue reading

I’ve hit the big time!

Hey all my loyal fans and readers, just wanted to send out a message to let you know that you’re OK. Just keep on keeping on, my friends. Hey, if you enjoy the blog, why not let your friends know. You know, we can’t just keep these things to ourselves. And with your help, we can raise the awareness of this blog ten-fold. Oh yeah! Let’s make this happen! Keep hip!

Mandy Moore – Amanda Leigh – **** – Continue reading

Freezing cold warmth…review time!

Hiya everybody, got another set of review for you, it’s kind of weird, once I stopped trying to keep to a schedule, suddenly, I have been able to keep these almost weekly. I guess once the pressure’s off to produce, it doesn’t hurt so much when you’re late. So, it has been really cold around here lately, I’m thinking I need to move to a warmer climate, of course popping in some of these tunes can help warm my frozen heart once again. Enjoy.

Andy Bopp – This Guitar Kills Singer Songwriters – *** – Continue reading