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this is more than just reviews. this is a reviewalation.

Glen Phillips
Coyote Sessions
Glen Phillips is always a winner in my book…this group of acoustic recordings shows off some good songwriting skills and singing. Take a listen!

Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson
Wreck and Ruin
These two do a great job of this style of music. It is kind of just down and dirty country music, nothing too shiny on this release, which is really awesome. A great continuation of their last album.

Paul Carrack
Good Feeling
I don’t know about Paul Carrack, he has a good voice, but too often leans on the light-rock way of things. Nothing too spectacular on this one, but a strong effort none the less.

Hidden Pictures
Rainbow Records
OMG! This is fantastic! So much fun, just great pop songs, produced and sung well, makes you feel at home with the band, as if they have been your favorite band for 10 years, and this is just another in a long string of albums!

Blinker The Star
We Draw Lines
So-so release from this group, a few good turns here and there, but nothing spectacular. But glad to hear something new from the band, if you are a fan, go for it, if not, it might not do much for you.

Why oh why?

Well, here we are, the last two months of the year. It seems like we just got into this year, but so it goes, right? So, now, we are going to really kick start this year, and live it up in 2009!! Oh yeah! Let’s make this year HAPPEN!! OK, whatevs… just read some reviews, OK?

Robbert Bobbert and his Bubble Machine – Robbert Bobbert and his Bubble Machine – ***1/2 – Continue reading

Rock To It!

Hey everybody! I am just cooking with these reviews lately! It’s insane! or is it just inane? I guess we’ll never know for sure! But one fact remains, and that is that if music be the food of love, then play on! Because love is VERY hungry right now, and it needs to gorge on a huge heaping platter of music, deep fried in a harmonic batter, drizzled with melody, double-dipped in a chorus of voices, served hot and fresh. Dig in!

Among The Oak & Ash – Among The Oak & Ash – ***1/2 – Continue reading

What makes a great album?

What makes a great album anyway? I wonder about this a lot. On these reviews, I base my decisions on first impressions, based on one listen, and often, I come back to my reviews and question my decision. Because the thing that happens is you revisit records. Sometimes the stars are aligned so that something just hits you right on that first listen, but when you revisit, things have changed, and you see it through different eyes.

There is the phenomenon of expecting a lot out of something Continue reading