Making Playlists: set your music free!

Hey there everyone, today I thought I would step away from my usual reviewing standpoint and try to wax philosophical about something that has been intriguing me recently, making playlists. I have found myself recently making a few, having some newer co-workers and meeting other people. I really have a lot of fun making them. It helps me review my own musical tastes from time to time, helps me learn about other music, and helps me get to know people a little better.

So I am in a constant rotation of new music. Having a big appetite for anything new is a blessing and a curse. While I can stay current and hear all the new stuff being produced every day, I often hear something once and move on, forgetting it as soon as it leaves my iPod. Making these mixes forces me to review these recent listens again, and delve into my back catalog to grab the best of everything I own. I have pulled out CD’s I hadn’t listened to in years, and even if I am sampling one or two tracks, it gives me an incredible amount of joy in the reminiscing of where I was when I was digging that record.

The next benefit of making mixes is that I get one back! I have been trading music with my co-workers, and they have interesting tastes. I can hear some bands that I dismissed, and by seeing that someone else gets something out of it, then I reconsider, because there might be something there I missed before. It can be highly revelatory. I feel like hearing a person’s music can really give you an idea of their personality and even make you think about that person’s experience in a whole new light.

I also get feedback from the people listening to my mixes. They might not like a band I love, and while I’m probably not going to change my mind, hearing their perspectives shows me another way music can be seen in so many different lights. One thing I love is when the perfect symmetry occurs and a song hits someone else and they can get something out of it. And really, this is what it is all about, sharing the music, sharing the passion for music and spreading the love around. Music is really a universal thing, magical in its appeal and wonder. Here’s a recent mix I made for someone, please enjoy it, and hey, share yours here on the blog! Comment back on what tracks you might put on a playlist, and let’s build the most amazing playlist the world has ever seen!


Song Artist
Monster Ballads Josh Ritter
Never Do That Again Ivy
Running Out Of Ink Barenaked Ladies
Saturday Morning Rachael Yamagata
Tropical Birds Miniature Tigers
Against History Dan Wilson
Don’t Be A Fool The Nines
Crystal Run Robbers On High Street
Say Yes Readymade Breakup
You Probably Get That a Lot They Might Be Giants
There Goes My Baby Mike Viola & Kelly Jones
Nice Day Persephone’s Bees
No More Lies Tony Cox
Zavelow House Owsley
Rocket Ship Love (Album Version) Julian Berntzen
Five Colours In Her Hair McFly
Quiet Town Josh Rouse
Indiana David Mead

Audities: Best of 2009

Rank Artist // Album
1 Brendan Benson // My old, familiar friend
2 Roger Klug // More help for your nerves
3 Chris Richards // Sad sounds of the Summer
3 Jason Falkner // All Quiet on the Noise Floor
5 Green Day // 21st century breakdown
6 Paul Steel // Moon Rock
7 Phoenix // Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
8 David Mead // Almost And Always
8 Tinted Windows // Tinted Windows
10 Wilco // Wilco Continue reading

Get Ready…

Get ready folks, it’s about to get real. Ok, not really. Blah blah blah bleep glorp gloop glop. See, I’m still here, no worse for the wear. OK, but let’s get ready for one thing, and that is, more reviews. We are like a month and a half away from finishing this year, and I still have tons of CD’s to share with you. But, it’s all leading up to that great moment, the moment when I reflect on the albums of the year. Oh, you all are just chomping at the bit for that moment! But you’ll just HAVE TO WAIT!! Rock.

Julianna Raye – Dominoes – *** – Continue reading

The first of 2009

Ok, here we are, 2009, it’s gonna be great! Let’s get started!

Andrew Bird – Noble Beast – ***1/2 – More goodness from Andrew Bird. I think it finds the happy medium between the Mysterious Production of Eggs album and the Armchair Apocrypha album, having some of the lightness of Eggs with more of the electronic instrumentation found on Armchair.

Antony & The Johnsons – The Crying Light – *** – Continue reading