Album Review: To Hell with you by Bleu

Bleu - To Hell with youA PledgeMusic funded album. A nice way to support an artist but then you do end up paying $25 for an album. Better than the album not getting made of course.

An overture is a musical contract between the artist and the listener saying; “This is what you’re going to get.” The wonderfully orchestral opening promised much.

The following track, the titular ‘To Hell with you’ was therefore unexpected. Hints of Jean-Michelle Jarre, or perhaps more Vangelis it’s quite a departure from Bleu’s earlier work. It did worry me – as I’m always wary of change. I know that Bleu’s dabbled in Electronica before, but it’s not what I expected on this record (i’d made sure i’d not listened to any samples before the CD arrived).

Track three, “All downhill from here” – ironically – brought back a more traditional Bleu.

Tracks nine through eleven feature rapping which I find dreary and whilst who am I to tell anyone what direction they can explore musically, just don’t fit on a Bleu record for me.

The final melancholic, wonderfully melodic closer (bonus track aside) of ‘Won’t Make It Out Alive’ almost make me able to to forget the rapping.

It’s still undoubtedly Bleu, and his knack for a good melody remains undiminished. I do hanker for the tunes of the older records though. *

Tracks to listen to; “All Downhill From Here.”, “Won’t Make It Out Alive”.

* Or, i’d settle for a new Major Labels record.

The craziest music reviews in the west!

YAHOO!!! WEEEEEE! Howdy ya’ll! Here’s a brand new batch of the greatest reviews you barely read! Thanks for all the support my little buckaroos! Have some fun reading and/or listening to these albums!

Jason Mraz – Love is a Four Letter Word – I got into Jason in college, and perhaps I should have left him there. Listen, he can write catchy songs, but I feel like I can’t hold on to a perspective from him. This album of songs about love, does not leave me feeling like I learned anything or really know what he wants me to come away with.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Tape Club – I had heard of this band for many years, but never really checked them out until this album came out. I went back to listen to their old albums first, which are very good, most of the time. This is a collection of demos and rarities, and while many of the songs are interesting, it really falls apart as an album, and is a bit too long.

The Shins – Port of Morrow – The Shins have always intrigued me, and I like many of their songs. I’ll admit, the sheen of a new release begins to fade very quickly, and they soon get filed away with other parts of the unending stream of music coming at me. This is no exception, and I really have nothing much to say about this new record.

Bleu – Besides – I don’t think I can really overstate my adoration of Bleu. He just writes catchy stuff that grabs you and takes you along. This collects several B-sides and “lost” gems from Bleu, and they are all as any bit good as anything on his records and it even plays very well as a standalone album, highlighting the many styles and sounds of Bleu.

Eve 6 – Speak In Code – another band I am sticking by after all those years. I loved Horrorscope a bunch, but had mixed results with the rest. There was always at least one song that had me. I didn’t get one of those from this record. Victoria is pretty good, but something is missing there. It is still a good listen, and they haven’t moved too far from their sound, but perhaps I’m over it at this point.

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Music reviews – no joke!

OK, fun fun fun, that’s what this is. We’ve got a groovy set of reviews for you this week. I literally cannot come up with anything interesting to say, and you people are probably sick of my rambling. I bet you’d like me to just shut up and get on to the reviews. And I understand that, I hate it when bloggers just go on and on about whatever is important to them, and never even regard their potential audience. Like it’s like do we like really care? I mean for reals you guys and gals. So that’s why I’m gonna just move on to the reviews. Here you go, for your enjoyment, a set of reviews, that will literally climb into your brain and explode your very mind. Enjoy!

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5 Reviews a Week – Back on track, track-by-track

Well, I’m back on schedule this week. Finally stole some time to get these finished up. When I started these reviews, I had a nice back log of write-ups to post. But now I am caught up with this years releases. Perhaps I will post some of my old reviews from my old Myspace blog. Well anyway, here are the latest. I might come up with something a bit different next week. Stay tuned!

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