Put out the trash kids, Grandpa’s here!

So, I decided to do something a little different this time, and review 5 albums not very well. I know. Way out, right? You told me.

Andrew Bird
Hands of Glory
So excited to hear Andrew Bird sing folk music again! While it is an EP and therefore short and sweet, it harkens back to what he was doing when I became a fan, so I like it a lot.

Ken Stringfellow
Danzig in the Moonlight
Ken Stringfellow’s solo album are always slightly different, which I like. This one seems to be a bit dark and serious, but still remains tuneful and interesting.

Colin Blunstone
On The Air Tonight
The album by Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent was very cool, it helped to have Rod to bring a bit more power to the proceedings, as this album is very light… But still you can’t deny he has a great voice and it is nice to hear from him again.

Murphy Brothers
Thick as Thieves
An excellent collection of harmony-laden pop songs leaning towards country, but not taking the full step. It is a lot of fun, and great ear-candy

The Organ Beats

Good stuff from this group who strike a delicate balance between hard-rock and indie-pop. They balance this well I think, making it pleasant to listen to, but staying authentic and true.

Recent Releases to Check Out

Did you know that new music gets released every single day of the year? It’s true! Well, we here at Pop Underground aim to get the best of it straight to your ears. So here is a sampling of what I have been digging as of late. I picked a good even number, 10, so hopefully that keeps you crazy kids busy for a week or so.


Explorers Club – Grand Hotel: You may have seen my post from last year about this band’s series of EP’s leading to the new album. Well worth the wait, this album features some amazing songs. Some of the most memorable and engaging music I have heard in a long time.


Butterfly Boucher – Butterfly Boucher: the third release from this amazing artist, 10 incredible songs that have her signature sound, quite enjoyable stuff.


The Connection – Seven Nights EP/New England’s Newest Hit Makers: an awesome set of quick pure rock and roll, very fun and rockin’ collection.


Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis – Cheaters Game: though they have been recording together for years, this is their first album together, and it is wonderful. They go so well together, and the album is a perfect blend to make an awesome listening experience.


Thom Hell – Suddenly Past: When I put this album on for the first time, within seconds I was hooked. Such a great pop sound, and it sticks through the whole thing. Very excellent, indeed.


Andrew Bird – Break It Yourself: This album finds Mr. Bird very comfortable in his sound. It doesn’t feel forced or like it is trying to be anything, despite his quick rise to success over these past few years.


Sweet Diss and the Comebacks – Emerald City Love Song: also recently featured on this blog, I too quite enjoyed this record. It doesn’t jump out at you with any force, just guides you along a fun engaging experience.


Brendan Benson – What Kind of World?: I always enjoy a new Brendan Benson record, and this is no exception. It does however pull back from that return-to-form that I so loved on his last album, and brings in some of that harder edged Raconteurs sound; there are still some good pop nuggets here.


The All-American Rejects – Kids In The Street: I keep wanting to hate this band, but then they deliver great slick pop songs that are just winners all around. This album continues that tradition proudly.


Corner Laughers – Poppy Seeds: a wonderful collection of pop goodness, two parts Beach Boys, one part indie-pop, twelve parts AWESOME! If that doesn’t convince you, then how about this, it’s produced by Allen Clapp, and at least one track features the inimitable Mike Viola!

What what?

Hey everybody! Here’s where I normally write a bunch of useless garbage and random non-sequitors, ending with a plea to read my blog. That will not happen this time, I promise. Remember, promises are the key to your eternal happiness. It only takes one to make an elephant walk. Now read my blog!!

Modern Skirts – All Of Us In Our Night – *** – Continue reading

The first of 2009

Ok, here we are, 2009, it’s gonna be great! Let’s get started!

Andrew Bird – Noble Beast – ***1/2 – More goodness from Andrew Bird. I think it finds the happy medium between the Mysterious Production of Eggs album and the Armchair Apocrypha album, having some of the lightness of Eggs with more of the electronic instrumentation found on Armchair.

Antony & The Johnsons – The Crying Light – *** – Continue reading