Pop Underground is a community of writers, musicians, industry observers and fans united in their love of insanely great popular music. “Pop” is a term that’s been badly misused, but here it refers to everything from Power Pop to Rock to Metal to Electronica to Indie, and a whole lot more.

More to come…

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  1. Hello! Are you interested in swapping links? I really like the site as it has developed nicely from just a mention on the Audities list to this point.

    Let me know – thanks!


  2. Hello Pop Underground,

    I discovered your blog while searching for powerpop sites online. Great stuff! Thanks for doing what you do.

    I’m writing on behalf of a brooklyn-based powerpop band, Shakedown At The Majestic. We’re coming out with an EP this summer, and are looking for people to review it. If you think you might be able to help us out, we would really appreciate it. It doesn’t even have to be positive! 🙂 Seriously, though, I don’t know if you take requests like this, but if you want to check out our stuff, go to:


    Let us know if you have any questions at all! Best of luck with your blog.


    Chris Vermillion

  3. how do i get music to you for review


    Blind Records

  4. hi there. what is your submission policy? would love to get you a copy of our CD, either physically or digitally.




  5. Hi,

    I represent the Montreal band Ralf Wiggum, who is launching its first album this autumn.

    As a media, you can get the album, our press-kit and some photos on our drop. http://drop.io/ralfwiggum

    Don’t hesitate to spread the word about Ralf Wiggum or to make a review of the album! To have a chat or to order a physical copy of the album, contact us.


  6. We’d like to send you a copy of our cd, 4 a.m., for possible review. The link provided has two free downloads form the cd.

    Where do I send the cd?
    Dotsun Moon

  7. Hi Pop Underground. Great site! Got some music I want to send you on my little label Grown Up Wrong! The big one is an unreleased album from ’76/77 from the Hot Knives, featuring Danny Mihm and Tim Lynch from the original Flamn’ Groovies. It’s an INCREDIBLE record. Second release is a live album by Adelaide band Young Modern, who Bomp! magazine called Australia’s first power pop band back in ’79. I hear them as more of an early 70’s Anglophile thing – Andy Paley’s Sidewinders in the band they most remind me of. Beatles, Byrds and ‘Loaded’ Velvets are what I hear in them – beautifully strummed guitars and great plaintive songs..

    Anyway, shoot me an address if you want cds. If you’re okay with digital just let me know and I’ll sort that. Just sorted out US Distribution through Forced Exposure in the US and Forte for UK/Europe so keen to get work out around the world

    some YouTube links below.

    all the best

    Here’s a great new Hot Knives Youtube clip. This song so shoulda been a hit.

    and some Young Modern stuff

    the Australian Shake Some Action I’ve always thought…. (alas no version on new live-album

    Age has not wearied them….


  8. Hi, my name is Matteo and i’m from italy
    I’m in a band called WHAT,REALLY? http://www.facebook.com/whareal We
    play a sort of power pop-rock

    As we just recorded our very first ep in late december 2012, we would
    like to give it to you for a listen, hopin’ you could appreciate it

    Here’s soundcloud link:

    and if you like it, here’s bandcamp link to free download

    Thanks in advance,
    Matteo & What,Really?

  9. Pocketless Shirt EP – Nic Armstrong & The Thieves out November 11

  10. Hey, How do bands that want to be reviewed get in contact with you guys?

  11. Hi!
    Here’s some great songs by swedish Power Pop band Vice Versa!
    Check it out!

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