Featured Album – The Electric Soft Parade – IDIOTS

The Electric Soft Parade – IDIOTS

4 Stars

4 Stars

The Electric Soft Parade - IDIOTS

The Electric Soft Parade – IDIOTS

Great to hear from these guys again, in an album that really sets itself apart from their previous records. What makes this group so good is the sheer amount of hooks and melodies packed into each song. The songs glide along brilliantly and keep you engaged no matter what. You will be singing parts of these songs over and over again.

What makes this album unique is that it seems somewhat more introspective than the previous records. It seems to be a trend with some of these bands I got into in the early 2000’s. They are growing up, and so is their music. It brought to mind the new album I reviewed earlier this year by Bob Evans.

Despite the usual batch of instant classics like Summertime in My Heart, I think that this may not be as poppy as some earlier albums, but that is fine with me, because it is a thought provoking and interesting album. I think this will grow with me a lot and may turn out to be my favorite by them. Definitely worth checking out. Start your summer off with a blast!

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