Not a review: Laurie Bennett and the Models

Like everyone who reads this blog i’m guessing you buy a lot of music.  Probably, if it could possibly be so, too much music.  I have a pretty good memory for roughly when and where I picked up most records from (or at least I can narrow it down to a country).  I have this album though.  “Dream Ferret” by Laurie Bennett and the Models.  It’s odd, but odd in a wonderfully British way.  It sounds like it was recorded in someone’s front room and has the feel of Martin Newell album.  I’m very keen on the opening track; “Swarm”.  I’m simply putting this post out there on the off-chance anyone has any information on them.

4 Responses

  1. Great band from Lincoln. They made about 8 albums! All of them cracking.

  2. Also, it was recorded in barn, not a front room. They unfortunately split up, must be more than 10 years ago now.

  3. Any way to get some on CD still?

  4. Just seen this! I was the drummer for this band and I can confirm that this particular record was made in two rooms of a flat in Lincoln, before we had access to the barn. If anybody wants any more info, feel free to contact me: cheers!

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