Featured Album – Time Machine by Secret Friend

Welcome to 2013 fans and friends! I’m going to try writing longer-form reviews this year. Who knows what may happen!

4 Stars

4 Stars

Secret Friend – Time Machine

Secret Friend – “Time Machine”

An awesome album to start the year off with, this record has a lot going for it. The foundation of the music is firmly rooted in classic 70’s singer-songwriter pop. It’s your basic Andrew Gold, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Emmit Rhodes type of sound. It’s got lots of piano, clean acoustic guitar, drums, and throw in some horns and strings for good measure. If you love that sound, you will be into this record. A lot.

This album is the brainchild of Stephen Fox, someone I know nothing about, except he’s from Australia. What brought this to my attention was his recruitment of some of my favorite artists to play, sing, and produce the record. That’s Willie Wisely on Lead Vocals, bringing his laid back tenor to serve this material very well. On Background Vocals, we have Kelly Jones, and she sings lead on a great jazzy song “He’ll Never Know Me.” Producing and playing is Linus of Hollywood. A formidable pedigree if you ask me.

These contributors bring a lot to the project, but the real star here is the songs, with great, classic, “have I heard this before?” sounding melodies, and strong, interesting lyrics. These songs are often heartbreaking, each a story in itself. The themes go from lighter, universal love songs, to darker, personal lyrics of the type where if you aren’t paying attention, you might not even notice the darkness. Take “Killing Time”, a fun fast-paced sounding song, about a very dark topic. It took me 2 listens to suddenly “get” it!

Overall, it is a great record, which lovers of that classic pop sound will be attracted to. It is strong enough that it could convince some hard-headed music fans to dig in.

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  1. I’m glad you liked the album. And thanks for the glowing review!

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