Things I missed in 2012

Well as we look upon the New Year tonight, I continue to reflect on 2012, a year that brought a ton of great music I have featured on the blog. As I do many years, I miss a lot of things, and with the slew of year end lists coming out, I have noticed many overlooked or under-appreciated gems. Those of which I mean to feature right here, right now. So read on!

Ari Shine
Songs of Solomon

This one I meant to blog about ages ago. A great album by Ari Shine, who on previous albums had more of a slicker pop/rock feel to it which I love. This album is a bit more subdued and acoustic, but just as strong musically, with great choruses and catchy melodies. Definitely a highlight of the year!

David Myhr

This album was covered here by Matt, but I also loved this album. Just about the poppiest pop this year, David is expert at creating these rhythmic bases for songs making them immediately catchy, dancy fun times music. Then his strong voice steps in and tops it off with excellent melodies and harmonies. So great!

Bill Lloyd
Boy King of Tokyo

The return of Bill Lloyd was much appreciated with this album full of crunchy pop songs with a twinge of country-rock and songs that sound straight from the heart and very honest. A classic sound, kept up-to-date and vital for today’s music scene.

Throwback Suburbia
Shot Glass Souvenir

Another fantastic record, too many killer hooks to count, and very well-produced and full of amazing songs that lift you up and make you feel good. You can tell they must have had fun making it, and they have a real passion for what they are trying to make.

Wes Hollywood
Fantasy Arcade

A slick, interesting power pop record. Some very strong songs here, a bit darker in subject matter, but still has all the pop trappings I love, great guitar sound and vocal style that is very unique and interesting. I like a lot of things about it.

Kurt Baker
Brand New Beat

I mean this thing just came out recently, so I would have gotten to it, but here goes anyway: Can’t go wrong kids, Kurt can’t go wrong. Another fun power pop explosion of awesomeness!

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