the children’s favorite time of year

hey kids, gather round, here comes captain santa to share your dreams!

Adrienne Pierce My HeavensAdrienne Pierce
My Heavens

Good easy-going pop that is very well made and interesting. She has a good voice, and is overall a great listening experience.


Awesome! Both albums without vocals! It really reveals some added flourishes from those heavy arrangements that make them so great!

Various Artists
Holidays Rule

Another thrown together corporate Christmas album. It’s got some good people on it, probably only worth it for the few artists you actually care about.

Further Seems Forever
Penny Black

I’ve been a Dashboard Confessional fan for a long time, but never got into Further Seems Forever. I was happy to see Chris Carraba was back for vocals, but musically, it is just a bit much and really lacked any melodic appeal.


Great to hear from this band. More of the soft vocals and interesting song styling they are known for.


A rocky, gritty explosion of garagey rock that is a lot of fun. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and stays on a solid path all the way through.

Hawaii: Part II

Excellent! This pseudo-side project of Tally Hall members is an eclectic mix of songs that go from retro to pop to electronic, etc. I really liked it, and think it will even grow on me.

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