Put out the trash kids, Grandpa’s here!

So, I decided to do something a little different this time, and review 5 albums not very well. I know. Way out, right? You told me.

Andrew Bird
Hands of Glory
So excited to hear Andrew Bird sing folk music again! While it is an EP and therefore short and sweet, it harkens back to what he was doing when I became a fan, so I like it a lot.

Ken Stringfellow
Danzig in the Moonlight
Ken Stringfellow’s solo album are always slightly different, which I like. This one seems to be a bit dark and serious, but still remains tuneful and interesting.

Colin Blunstone
On The Air Tonight
The album by Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent was very cool, it helped to have Rod to bring a bit more power to the proceedings, as this album is very light… But still you can’t deny he has a great voice and it is nice to hear from him again.

Murphy Brothers
Thick as Thieves
An excellent collection of harmony-laden pop songs leaning towards country, but not taking the full step. It is a lot of fun, and great ear-candy

The Organ Beats

Good stuff from this group who strike a delicate balance between hard-rock and indie-pop. They balance this well I think, making it pleasant to listen to, but staying authentic and true.

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