It’s a new world. We just live in it.

Hey, check out some music today.

Coconut Records
Score of a movie, very jaunty and interesting, but not much else.

Tom Shaner
Ghost Songs, Waltzes and Rock & Roll
If you like the music of Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, etc., you might like this. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite hit the mark with me. Interesting, but not super-engaging

Domenico Lancellotti
Cine Prive
Interesting foreign language album, takes in all sorts of influences and kicks it around a bit. Worth a shot!

Sarah Blasko
I Awake
Love to hear back from Sarah. This one has quite a bit of orchestration, and her distinctive vocals. It might not have any immediate songs, but this is a grower, and I expect to continue enjoying this for a while.

The Polyphonic Spree
Holidaydream: Sounds of the Holidays Volume One
Christmas records are a risk, you either stick with the way the songs have always been, or you change things up with mixed results. The Polyphonic Spree take the “different” route, and I’m not sure if they really did much to bring life to these songs.

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