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Here you go all you crazy friends of mine!

Marjorie Cardwell
In Another World

The wife of DC Cardwell made an album, a scary proposition if the wife can’t deliver, but Marjorie holds her own. She has a great voice and the songs match up with it well, and she brings a new light to DC’s music.

The Nervous Wreckords
Let Them All Talk

Good, solid rock album, the singer has an expressive voice and you feel like he is really talking about some things he is actually dealing with. He could come off as a bit arrogant, but sometimes that’s what rock is all about.

The Luxury
Why Don’t You Cry Anymore

Good EP by this group. Very rocking in parts and overall a fun listen. Check it out.

Young Fresh Fellows
Tiempo De Lujo

Always love the Young Fresh Fellows. I command it. This album is wonderful and really sounds as good as most of their albums. Definitely pick it up!

Eban Schletter
The 21st Century Doomsday Spectacular

Odd but cool collection of mostly comedic songs. But there is some introspection hidden away, and it really touches on topics that are in the collective mindset, but sometimes not explored in the ways they are on this album.

There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow.

Alright. ok. here we are. once again ready freddy. Thanks kids.

Jens Lekman
I Know What Love Isn’t

Good stuff from Jens, who I always enjoy immensely. Some really good stuff on here, but maybe not quite as engaging as his last album. Still he has that unique style and voice that are just great to listen to.

Faux Pas

Joe Algeri’s latest album is really interesting. It’s got a weirdness to it that I really like. But sometimes it takes away from the more poppy side that could be there. Overall, interesting, but not fantastic.

Eugene McGuinness
The Invitation To The Voyage

His first album was very odd and fun, and felt fresh. He has kind of taken a more serious approach on this album, but there is some good stuff here. It also adds a bit more electronic type sounds.

Dan Miraldi
Sugar & Adrenaline

A rockin’ album through and through. Miraldi really is well versed in writing an energetic fun rock song. I could see a great progression from this into something really great.

We Are The Woods
Whales and Roses

An odd duck of an album, very interesting lyrics, good vocals, very much varied and unique. It doesn’t really grab you right away, but creeps up and pulls you in.

Review: The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind by Ben Folds Five

I really don’t want to write this review. I was REALLY sad when, in 2000, Ben Folds Five folded. I’d been listening since they signed to Caroline Records in the UK  back in 1995. I LOVE piano pop and there are few better than Ben Folds with his ear for a killer melody and brain for a wonderful lyric.  Ben went solo, released some great albums (and Fear of pop), but – and I know I maybe i’m on my own on this – he went off the boil.

“Way to normal” was when the rot set in for me.  Before Cologne was lovely, but on the whole it just felt like he phoned it in.

The a capella album “Ben Folds Presents: University A Capella” could have been great. There were tonnes of things submitted on YouTube and some were good, but the album? Pffff.. Just didn’t work at all for me.  The production seemed to be greatly lacking.

A collaboration with writer Nick Hornby. A match in heaven. It should have been, oh it should have been. But for me? No.

Then – and then.  After thirteen years of waiting.  A NEW Ben Folds album.  Along with thousands of others I signed up to PledgeMusic to help get it made.  Eventually (in advance of the CD copies being sent out) a link to download it.  I was literally scared to listen.  It had been such a long, long wait and the weight of expectation hung heavily on me.

The opening seconds marked it out as the recognisable Ben Folds Five sound which has been pointed out is as much about Robert Sledge’s bass as Fold’s piano.

I have never wanted an album to work as much as this one.  It was just washing over me and absolutely nothing was sticking.  I listened twice and bar the Boxing-esque waltz of the final track I wouldn’t be able to hum any of melody lines, quote any of the lyrics.  I am heartbroken.

I’m going to carry on listening and listening because I NEED this album to work.

In Ben’s song One Down he said:

People tell me
Ben, just make up junk
And turn it in
But I never was alright with turning in
A bunch of shit
Don’t like wasting time
On music that won’t make you proud
But now I’ve found a reason
To sit right down and shit some out

Oh Ben, say it ain’t so.

This was the review I didn’t want to write.

It’s not just the baby, it’s the bathwater.

Good day loyal readers! Check out this explosion of review-o-matic madness! And then read  my reviews. BOOM! Insane!

Alexz Johnson
Skipping Stone

A great release by this singer, who became famous with some TV roles, and music related to them. This EP shows a progression from that more poppy side, to emotional but catchy songs that pull you in and feel like they come from a real place.

Phil Keaggy
Cover of Love

A half covers, half originals record by Phil, the covers reflect some of his influences, and are adapted to his voice and style nicely. The other songs are all co-writes, and very much fit in with Phil’s more recent releases.

Various Artists
IPO 15

I always love hearing these compilations, just showing there are people out there carrying the flag for pop music. It is great to hear so many songs, but a bit overwhelming to find any major highlights.

Antony and the Johnsons
Cut The World

A live album by the great Antony and the Johnsons, good versions of some old songs, and one new song. The one thing I didn’t love was the inclusion of him talking for about 5 minutes about his philosophy on feminism, while it was interesting I don’t think it belongs on a record.


Finally, they return with a fantastic album. The lead off track is the obvious winner, combining that classic sound with a bit more modern production technique, it is great, the rest of the album glides along behind it just fine.

no. seriously. i need to know.

good morning. this is a blog with reviews on it. it’s not too much for you i hope. listen i’ve been thinking. well, i think it’s time. time for more music reviews. won’t you read them, please? thanks.

Jeremy Fisher
Mint Juleps

A cool little album from this Canadian powerhouse. I like that he can vary from a stripped back folky sound, and then build up to a more poppy anthem, and back again, keep it up dude!

Suicide Pact

California pop from these Californians including Alex Greenwald, and one of The Like. I liked it as a cool summer record, nothing spectacular, but good to hear nonetheless.

Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann is always a treat, and this album is really good. It’s a very short album, and just moves along. There doesn’t seem to be as much of a theme or concept as some of the last few, just solid songs.

Nick Africano
The Butterfly Bull

Interesting album, very low-key slow-paced and beautiful at times. It brings to mind Jeff Buckley and Antony and the Johnsons, but with a kind of low-growl voice.

Record Time

YEAH! They are back, and cooler than ever. The first four tracks of this album are so good and instantly get you moving and into it. The rest of the record is solid songs, a bit more of a variety of styles and voices, all blending to create a great album, one of the year’s best.