An explosion of awesome – music reviews the old-fashioned way

Here’s some incredible new music for you to read about and check out on all the best sites that sell music and junk!!

The High Water Marks
Pretending To Be Loud
The album title pretty much sums up this band, which is a splinter off of the Apples In Stereo, without all the catchiness, while good indie rock, it lacks a certain oomph that would make it wonderful. But it’s FREE! at

Brandi Carlile
Bear Creek
She has a great voice, but this album is missing some of the powerful songs I am used to. It seems to be a more contented Brandi Carlile, which is all goodness, but I don’t hear the passion and drive that makes her older records strike a chord for me.

Kelly Hogan
I Like to Keep Myself in Pain
I liked this album a lot, Kelly has that unique style and point of view that is all her own, and engages the listener. I loved the song Sleeper Awake a bunch!

Rhett Miller
The Dreamer
Rhett’s previous solo outings were very polished poppy alternatives to the Old 97’s. This album takes off much of the polish for a more almost lo-fi sound. It is very interesting to see this change in style, but I’m not sure yet if it is a successful transition.

Air Traffic Controller
The long awaited second album by Air Traffic Controller is here, and really great. I love this band’s style, it is very unique, and yet poppy and familiar. Check out “The Work” a great rollicking number that gets you moving!

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