The craziest music reviews in the west!

YAHOO!!! WEEEEEE! Howdy ya’ll! Here’s a brand new batch of the greatest reviews you barely read! Thanks for all the support my little buckaroos! Have some fun reading and/or listening to these albums!

Jason Mraz – Love is a Four Letter Word – I got into Jason in college, and perhaps I should have left him there. Listen, he can write catchy songs, but I feel like I can’t hold on to a perspective from him. This album of songs about love, does not leave me feeling like I learned anything or really know what he wants me to come away with.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Tape Club – I had heard of this band for many years, but never really checked them out until this album came out. I went back to listen to their old albums first, which are very good, most of the time. This is a collection of demos and rarities, and while many of the songs are interesting, it really falls apart as an album, and is a bit too long.

The Shins – Port of Morrow – The Shins have always intrigued me, and I like many of their songs. I’ll admit, the sheen of a new release begins to fade very quickly, and they soon get filed away with other parts of the unending stream of music coming at me. This is no exception, and I really have nothing much to say about this new record.

Bleu – Besides – I don’t think I can really overstate my adoration of Bleu. He just writes catchy stuff that grabs you and takes you along. This collects several B-sides and “lost” gems from Bleu, and they are all as any bit good as anything on his records and it even plays very well as a standalone album, highlighting the many styles and sounds of Bleu.

Eve 6 – Speak In Code – another band I am sticking by after all those years. I loved Horrorscope a bunch, but had mixed results with the rest. There was always at least one song that had me. I didn’t get one of those from this record. Victoria is pretty good, but something is missing there. It is still a good listen, and they haven’t moved too far from their sound, but perhaps I’m over it at this point.

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