Still crazy after all these reviews…

Hey all you crazy fools! I can’t believe you are still reading. Here are some reviews for you. Hey, how’ve you been? Oh cool, sounds good. Yeah, I’ve been thinking that myself! Small world, right? Ah well, let me know how ya do! Thanks!

Jack White – Blunderbuss – a pretty good record, it does branch a little from the White Stripes sound, but I doubt this would be any different under the White Stripes moniker. Jack is Jack and will be for all time, so surrender to it!

Mystery Jets – Radlands – apparently inspired by Bruce Springsteen’s Badlands, the Mystery Jets step a bit from their neo-Brit-pop leanings and create a kind of tune-less experiment, and if you know me, I needs me some catchy melodies, and I got none off of this!

Zeus – Busting Visions – this record kind of goes all over the place. Kind of a 70’s music primer, it touches on classic power pop, classic rock, and blends it in the modern approach to indie-rock. Perhaps leans a bit too much to plain old classic rock for my tastes, but an interesting record anyways.

Megan Joy – Megan Joy – I followed this former American Idol contestant after Bleu wrote and produced some phenomenal songs for her. While those songs do not appear on this EP, she has an interesting, if not unique, voice, and delivers soulful songs very competently, worth checking out if you like that sort of thing.

Train – California 37 – I got into Train when they dropped Drops of Jupiter on us (pun intended) and have stuck by, even as they have transformed into this obnoxious joke of a band. I’ll admit, they have some catchy numbers, but I can’t take them seriously anymore. Great job fellas, you really blew it.

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