New beginnings for ancient endings

OK, I am going to make this a little more regular feature again. 5 albums a week, my inane thoughts and commentary! Here we go!

Keane – Strangeland – after an odd detour, the band returned back to form for this album. I like their sound, but this doesn’t strike much of a chord for me. There were no standout tracks, and it was a bit lengthy.

Quietdrive – Up or Down – half of the time listening to this made me about 20% dumber, but it is a mostly entertaining record, good for some catchy fun, but not much else.

Rufus Wainwright – Out of the Game – whoever produces a Rufus Wainwright record really falls to the wayside, as Rufus pretty much has a specific sound and doesn’t stray too far, I thought maybe Mark Ronson might have made a bigger mark (pun intended) on this recording, but really not. Still it’s Rufus, so definitely worth checking out.

Young Hines – Give Me My Change – released on Brendan Benson’s record label and produced by Benson, this has a nice pedigree behind it, and has a few great songs, but it is very inconsistent and I can’t really get a sense of what his sound is, but I think he could develop into something really great.

Eric Hutchinson – Moving Up Living Down – sure, he might be a little overly sentimental, and some of the lyrics are a bit simplistic, but every song gets you moving, and pulls you right in, I think he is a very engaging performer, and owns every song 100%, so it is very infectious and fun.

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