5 New Things

Hey kiddos! I got 5 new things you need to be paying attention to! Here they are:
Regina SpektorRegina Spektor
What We Saw From The Cheap Seats
Not exactly a under the radar artist, but Regina is so great, this is another fantastic record. Her style and way with a tune are just perfect and just right. Don’t Leave Me is an awesome song indeed.

Chris Richards and the SubtractionsChris Richards and The Subtractions
Get Yer La La’s Out
I loved his last album, and this is even better than that. Winning all around… a great track is They Won’t Mind.

Cliff HillisCliff Hillis
Dream Good
A new record from Cliff always delivers, but I was pleasantly surprised by this, it really sets itself apart from earlier stuff, and is very engaging and accessible. Check out Keep The Blue Skies and the title track.

Missy HigginsMissy Higgins
The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle
Even though it’s not out in the US until July, this record is pretty great. I really like it a lot. Unashamed Desire is good, but I am already all over the last track on the album: Sweet Arms of a Tune… normally I despise the personification of music, but this one makes sense so good on ya!

Smash PalaceSmash Palace
Do It Again
I literally just got into this band, and after a crash course in their music over the past few weeks, this stands easily along with all that, if not more on a couple tracks. Really super stuff, don’t miss Living It Lonely and Tell Her Now.

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