The craziest music reviews in the west!

YAHOO!!! WEEEEEE! Howdy ya’ll! Here’s a brand new batch of the greatest reviews you barely read! Thanks for all the support my little buckaroos! Have some fun reading and/or listening to these albums!

Jason Mraz – Love is a Four Letter Word – I got into Jason in college, and perhaps I should have left him there. Listen, he can write catchy songs, but I feel like I can’t hold on to a perspective from him. This album of songs about love, does not leave me feeling like I learned anything or really know what he wants me to come away with.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Tape Club – I had heard of this band for many years, but never really checked them out until this album came out. I went back to listen to their old albums first, which are very good, most of the time. This is a collection of demos and rarities, and while many of the songs are interesting, it really falls apart as an album, and is a bit too long.

The Shins – Port of Morrow – The Shins have always intrigued me, and I like many of their songs. I’ll admit, the sheen of a new release begins to fade very quickly, and they soon get filed away with other parts of the unending stream of music coming at me. This is no exception, and I really have nothing much to say about this new record.

Bleu – Besides – I don’t think I can really overstate my adoration of Bleu. He just writes catchy stuff that grabs you and takes you along. This collects several B-sides and “lost” gems from Bleu, and they are all as any bit good as anything on his records and it even plays very well as a standalone album, highlighting the many styles and sounds of Bleu.

Eve 6 – Speak In Code – another band I am sticking by after all those years. I loved Horrorscope a bunch, but had mixed results with the rest. There was always at least one song that had me. I didn’t get one of those from this record. Victoria is pretty good, but something is missing there. It is still a good listen, and they haven’t moved too far from their sound, but perhaps I’m over it at this point.

Still crazy after all these reviews…

Hey all you crazy fools! I can’t believe you are still reading. Here are some reviews for you. Hey, how’ve you been? Oh cool, sounds good. Yeah, I’ve been thinking that myself! Small world, right? Ah well, let me know how ya do! Thanks!

Jack White – Blunderbuss – a pretty good record, it does branch a little from the White Stripes sound, but I doubt this would be any different under the White Stripes moniker. Jack is Jack and will be for all time, so surrender to it!

Mystery Jets – Radlands – apparently inspired by Bruce Springsteen’s Badlands, the Mystery Jets step a bit from their neo-Brit-pop leanings and create a kind of tune-less experiment, and if you know me, I needs me some catchy melodies, and I got none off of this!

Zeus – Busting Visions – this record kind of goes all over the place. Kind of a 70’s music primer, it touches on classic power pop, classic rock, and blends it in the modern approach to indie-rock. Perhaps leans a bit too much to plain old classic rock for my tastes, but an interesting record anyways.

Megan Joy – Megan Joy – I followed this former American Idol contestant after Bleu wrote and produced some phenomenal songs for her. While those songs do not appear on this EP, she has an interesting, if not unique, voice, and delivers soulful songs very competently, worth checking out if you like that sort of thing.

Train – California 37 – I got into Train when they dropped Drops of Jupiter on us (pun intended) and have stuck by, even as they have transformed into this obnoxious joke of a band. I’ll admit, they have some catchy numbers, but I can’t take them seriously anymore. Great job fellas, you really blew it.

New beginnings for ancient endings

OK, I am going to make this a little more regular feature again. 5 albums a week, my inane thoughts and commentary! Here we go!

Keane – Strangeland – after an odd detour, the band returned back to form for this album. I like their sound, but this doesn’t strike much of a chord for me. There were no standout tracks, and it was a bit lengthy.

Quietdrive – Up or Down – half of the time listening to this made me about 20% dumber, but it is a mostly entertaining record, good for some catchy fun, but not much else.

Rufus Wainwright – Out of the Game – whoever produces a Rufus Wainwright record really falls to the wayside, as Rufus pretty much has a specific sound and doesn’t stray too far, I thought maybe Mark Ronson might have made a bigger mark (pun intended) on this recording, but really not. Still it’s Rufus, so definitely worth checking out.

Young Hines – Give Me My Change – released on Brendan Benson’s record label and produced by Benson, this has a nice pedigree behind it, and has a few great songs, but it is very inconsistent and I can’t really get a sense of what his sound is, but I think he could develop into something really great.

Eric Hutchinson – Moving Up Living Down – sure, he might be a little overly sentimental, and some of the lyrics are a bit simplistic, but every song gets you moving, and pulls you right in, I think he is a very engaging performer, and owns every song 100%, so it is very infectious and fun.

5 New Things

Hey kiddos! I got 5 new things you need to be paying attention to! Here they are:
Regina SpektorRegina Spektor
What We Saw From The Cheap Seats
Not exactly a under the radar artist, but Regina is so great, this is another fantastic record. Her style and way with a tune are just perfect and just right. Don’t Leave Me is an awesome song indeed.

Chris Richards and the SubtractionsChris Richards and The Subtractions
Get Yer La La’s Out
I loved his last album, and this is even better than that. Winning all around… a great track is They Won’t Mind.

Cliff HillisCliff Hillis
Dream Good
A new record from Cliff always delivers, but I was pleasantly surprised by this, it really sets itself apart from earlier stuff, and is very engaging and accessible. Check out Keep The Blue Skies and the title track.

Missy HigginsMissy Higgins
The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle
Even though it’s not out in the US until July, this record is pretty great. I really like it a lot. Unashamed Desire is good, but I am already all over the last track on the album: Sweet Arms of a Tune… normally I despise the personification of music, but this one makes sense so good on ya!

Smash PalaceSmash Palace
Do It Again
I literally just got into this band, and after a crash course in their music over the past few weeks, this stands easily along with all that, if not more on a couple tracks. Really super stuff, don’t miss Living It Lonely and Tell Her Now.