Emerald City Love Song by Sweet Diss and the Comebacks

If you like Fountains of Wayne, the Beach Boys and Weezer (and if you don’t then frankly what are you doing on this site?) then you should head over to Bandcamp  and take a listen.  Wikipedia, the font of all knowledge, says of the Washington State band, that they started in 2005.  Surely not?  How can they have studiously avoided playing their sweet tunes into my ears for seven years?

Some real fun songs.  Sweet harmonies, crunchy guitar, a bouncy 8-bit beat intro and even a smatterng of Bacharach brass.  A bunch of earworms destined for a lot of play over the coming months.

A definite contender for a real high placing in Audities “Best of 2012” i’ve no doubt.

The band call be found over at MySpace (you remember MySpace, right?) or more sensibly over at Facebook or indeed at their own website.

If you’re in the US you can grab it from iTunes.

In the UK you can pick it up at Amazon or iTunes.

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  1. finally had a chance to listen to this. excellent stuff indeed.

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