Great new releases to check out!

Wow, I actually came back a week later! I wanted to share so much more great music with all of you. This week I am featuring albums recently released that you need to be aware of!

The GrabsPolitical Disco – A fantastically eclectic album from this band features the vocals of Eleni Mandell, and the music of Steve Gregoropoulos. This album is just really fun and interesting. Definitely more of a post-punk kind of sound compared to Eleni’s usual output, but she sells it fantastically well. Definitely worth checking out, and act fast if you want the vinyl version!
Fountains of WayneSky Full of Holes – One of my all-time favorite bands, I will never tire of Fountains of Wayne. This album is just more of the pop gems they consistently put out. I don’t think I need to say much more about this band, just to let you know they still got it!
Army NavyThe Last Place – This album blew me away! I liked their first one, but it felt a bit like they were trying too hard. This new album is just well made. They have cultivated a sound that is just great, and the slick production just works so well. Definitely check it out!
The JayhawksMockingbird Time – I love the Jayhawks, and this album marks the return of Mark Olson. I think the Jayhawks is at their best as a band with the two styles at play. Not to say I don’t love the Gary Louris only side, Rainy Day Music is my one of my all-time favorite records, but the band really needs the mix to bring a fuller experience.