Six Fantastic Discoveries

Today, I wanted to check in and feature some new music I have discovered recently. As it happens, they are all female artists. For some reason, a majority of my recent finds seem to be led by women. So let’s just get on to the music!

Gold Motel – this band was an instant favorite for me when I heard their song “Perfect in my Mind.” Bringing out a sound that was 100% exuberant and just feeling like a summer day. The album continued in this fashion, and every song was awesome! I love things that are simple and pure. This band does not try to be anything other than a great pop band, and each song is a treasure. After the debut, Summer House, they released a 7-inch, and have been working on a new album. I, for one, cannot wait.

Lanae’ Hale – There was a small stretch where I was listening to a Christian radio station, to find anything good on the radio. This particular station plays the same songs over and over again, which can easily turn me against any song. However, there was this one song and singer that I never got sick of – Lanae’ Hale and her song “Back and Forth.” With a driving melody, and a unique vocal style, it always made me feel happy. Her album of the same name follows much the same pattern, while not quite reaching the peak of the title track, it has some great moments.

Jes Hudak – If you have been watching the Bravo TV show Platinum Hit, you may have seen Jes shine every week. Currently in the top 4, she has shown she has chops. But before that show, I was already a fan. Her song “Nothing in the World” appeared on an IPO compilation (Speaking of IPO, Vol 14 is out now!), and I loved it. Upon further research, her “National Holiday” EP is a gem, with 5 awesome songs. She does wonders with a melody, and her performances exude such emotion and passion for what she is saying. I think we will see much more greatness from Jes Hudak.

Beth Thornley – As part of the SOTT CD mix trading program run through the Audities mailing list, one person placed two tracks by Beth Thornley on their mix. Both songs made me stop and look at who this artist was. The songs have this strange pull that just grabs your attention. Her powerful, confident singing style transmits her way of thinking right into your brain. The album is called Wash U Clean. Sometimes her perspective is skewed and the language is off in such a way that it throws you for a curve, but it is great to just take it and ride the wave.

Grace Weber – I just heard about this singer, and I first passed it over as just pseudo-R&B and didn’t really pay attention. But then I heard “Hitchhiker” and my ears perked up. This song, and a few others really caught my attention and I gave it another listen. While there are some more mainstream aspects to this music than I normally like, I still think it’s worth a listen.

Jessica Jo Jolly – This is an artist that I first saw with just a guitar, opening for Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles. I loved her voice and her style. Next thing I knew, she formed the band Jodyboss, adding another layer of power to her music. A song called “Samantha” is a tuneful song that hides a sad story behind a happy melody. The rest of the Jodyboss EP shows a potential for some really great stuff from this artist.

All of these bands are worth checking out, whether they are led by a female or not. I am always on the lookout for just great music. These artists all fit my criteria for great songs, unique styles and a presence that captures my attention. Check out all their music!