Mike Lombardo feat. The Caulden Road – The Alchemist

Mike Lombardo feat. The Caulden Road- The AlchemistHello friends and pals and internetty buddies! I wanted to drop back in to let you know of a new project from Mike Lombardo. You may remember my post a while back about his music. If you love piano-pop, check him out. This new project is a bit of a departure, but no less exciting and engaging. The 15 minute EP is a concept album in the musical theatre tradition. It tells the story of the titular alchemist who makes a potion to send himself back in time to save his love. Musically, it is very ambitious and sounds great. What’s cool is that this was conceived of and finished in 3 weeks. For most people that could result in a shoddy production, but this sounds just as good if they had spent a year on it. Don’t let the musical aspects scare you away, these songs have a good pop structure, and stand alone for the most part. Give it a chance and have fun with it! Enjoy!

http://dft.ba/alchemist – To buy the physical copy for $6 – with downloads
http://mikelombardo.bandcamp.com/album/the-alchemist – To buy just download for $3.99

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