Review (kind of) of Ocean Grove.

I hadn’t heard of Ocean Grove before but following on from an email I had a listen to their two EPs on Spotify (Sorry Americans, it’s not available to you).

I’ll come back and review this properly in a while but this is a placeholder because I didn’t want to hold off on giving you all a heads up on such a great band.

Go and see them live…

Review: 24 Hours by The Whiskey Saints

Perhaps this is a slow burner but it really didn’t do anything for me. The first track took way to long to get going and even when it did there was nothing really substantial to it.

The second track is a an improvement, but then again i’m always a sucker for something with a keyboard part. Stil nothing memorable though.

I have to be honest that it’s all sounding desperately samey and i’m skipping through somewhat by now.

I would imagine i’m half way through now and ‘I need some luck’ is quite pleasant, though I have an aversion to slide guitar. If I ignore that then this track is a keeper. It barrels on like a train heading for a station which I probably don’t want to reach, but the journey isn’t too unpleasant.

I like to be positive in reviews and as such, rightly or wrongly, try and only review things which i’m passionate about but I was asked to take a look at this and so I did.

This album wasn’t for me.

Mike Lombardo feat. The Caulden Road – The Alchemist

Mike Lombardo feat. The Caulden Road- The AlchemistHello friends and pals and internetty buddies! I wanted to drop back in to let you know of a new project from Mike Lombardo. You may remember my post a while back about his music. If you love piano-pop, check him out. This new project is a bit of a departure, but no less exciting and engaging. The 15 minute EP is a concept album in the musical theatre tradition. It tells the story of the titular alchemist who makes a potion to send himself back in time to save his love. Musically, it is very ambitious and sounds great. What’s cool is that this was conceived of and finished in 3 weeks. For most people that could result in a shoddy production, but this sounds just as good if they had spent a year on it. Don’t let the musical aspects scare you away, these songs have a good pop structure, and stand alone for the most part. Give it a chance and have fun with it! Enjoy! – To buy the physical copy for $6 – with downloads – To buy just download for $3.99