Audities: Best of 2010 – REQUEST FOR VOTES

If you would like to submit your votes for this year’s ‘Audities – Best of 2010’ then then rules are;

#1 – No re-releases.

#2 – Released in 2010.

#3 – No compilations / Best of albums.

#4 – 20 points for you number one album, 19 points for your number two album, down to 1 point for your twentieth favourite. Albums at positions twenty-one and on will all get one point.

Also these year i’ll take nominations for your favourite song. It must be from an album that meets the requirements from the Album of the year.

The same scoring system will apply for songs.

1 December 2010 – Nominations open.

31 Dec 2011 – Nominations close.

2 January 2011 – Results will be published on Pop Underground.

You can submit votes to:

3 Responses

  1. Bleu “Four” !!!

  2. The suspense is killing me!

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