Review: Four by Bleu

The album finally arrived after much anticipation on Saturday just in time to have a listen before seeing Bleu live at the Borderline Club in London where he was playing along with Tracy Bonham and Jim Boggia

My God it’s such a great, great album. It’s going to be a tie between Farrah’s self-titled album and this for my album of 2010.

From the stunning opening with all shouting, glockenspiels, brass and totally in your face to the fantastic melody on B.O.S.T.O.N. which I can only presume is now the State Capital’s official anthem. Suddenly the it’s down a notch to the sumptuous ‘How Blue’ with its heartbreaking strings,  ‘Dead in the morning’ with it’s Blues Brothers type coda, the wonderfully stripped down ‘I’m in love with my lover’.  It’s just hit after hit.  Not a single song that doesn’t knock the ball way, way, way out of the park.  Just in case you’re not sold so far then ladies and gentleman, may I present to you a song co-written with Roger Joseph Manning Jnr.?

I cannot stress this enough.  Get this album now.

Stand out tracks: Well, to be honest.. all of them.

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  1. Some great tunes on this fourth album from Bleu. Read my full review here:

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