Jamie Bendell

I got a couple of tracks from Jamie Bendell, a singer-songwriter from New York.  Jamie certainly has an ear for melody and of the two tracks; “Rescue Me” and “Chocolate Milk” the second was very pleasing. A happy little song that would more-than-likely appeal to the Kate Nash fans.  My only criticism, and it’s personal taste, would be the vibrato on every held note which to my ears grates a little.  That said I’d certainly like to hear a wider selection of songs and investigate further.


Review: The Dashing Suns – The Dashing Suns Really Like You

It’s always nice to get some music of which you know nothing.  No preconceptions.  Absolutely zero idea what going to pop out of the speakers and so it was with the Dashing Suns’ album ‘The Dashing Suns Really Like You’.

There’s an old saying about buying a house “Location.  Location. Location.”.  I’d played it around the house a little bit, but and I’d not really got into it much whilst it was playing the background as I got on with other things.  Then the location changed.  I had to drive a couple of hundred miles for a meeting and brought the album with me.

Track one, with it’s heavy bass riff and what it is really a sound collage with a Beatlesque; Revolution no. 9 feel to it is an odd thing to open an album with.  Not unpleasant, but not the slap in the face you really want from an opening track.

But then track two kicks in as it seeped into my unconscious my foot pressed down a little harder on the gas – and if music isn’t designed to sometimes make you drive a little faster, then what’s the point?

You may be thinking that this review is a bit disjointed.  It is.  I find that to be in keeping with an album that is equally lacking an overall feel to it.  Does that make this a bad review?  I would hope not, because just as I hope you’re still reading this – i’m still listening to the album.

So, having shot down the road at a breakneck speed, track three kicked in was a mellower pop number and I figured it was more than likely a way to keep drivers safe on the road.

Track four kept my speed safe with it’s nice plodding along with its delightful opening and nice hooks.

Settling in nicely to the more sedate nature of the album I was hit by the old one-two of track five which went all pop-punk on me.

So it went on… Gentle pop – Pop-punk!  Gentle pop.  Pop-punk!  And of course there’s nothing wrong with an album that surprises you from track to track.

Well worth getting i’d say.  Go on, surprise yourself.

Standout Tracks: Sally Moore

You can visit their website over at www.thedashingsuns.com, Listen to some stuff at myspace.com/thedashingsuns or buy the album at CD Baby.