Awesome Band Alert – Couple

Hello all, it’s been a while. I am going to stray from my usual pattern to feature this awesome band, Couple!  Hailing from Malaysia, this group started out playing classic, fun, rock and roll! Top of the Pop was their first, a very fun album full of classic, bubblegummy rock and roll. Mostly in English, it is fun but wears its influences clearly on its sleeves.

Their second was called Teenage Disc Fantastic. It starts out much like the first album, with some great power-poppy fun. About halfway through, they switch to speaking their native language, but still has the cool rock and roll template. I have no idea what they are singing about, but it sounds good to me.

On their latest album, Pop Tak Masuk Radio, they do the entire album in Malay. And they kind of find themselves a bit more. No longer relying on the standard rock and roll/bubblegum template, they create music which sounds a lot more meaningful to their own experience. I think it makes for a great album.

As I listened to all of these albums together at once, I was happy to see their progression and find out what a really great band they are. Check out the albums and their MySpace page, and enjoy!

Secret Powers : Lies and Fairytales [2010]

I am lazy.  There I said it.  I listen to a whole bunch of music but rarely find the time or inclination to actually get around to writing anything.  Sometimes though a band comes along where the pull of their music outweighs my lackadaisical attitude.  Ladies and Gentleman may I present to Secret Powers. I only purchased their debut album a few months ago; ‘Explorers of the Polar Eclipse’ [2008] and was blown away by the opening track.  I knew that I’d found a keeper.  So many good tracks on one album and with a second album already to hand in the ‘Secret Powers and the Electric Family Choir’ [2009], well I was just being spoiled rotten – and I liked it.  The second album kept up with the promise of the first.  A concept album detailing life with the titular cult and its members. More great, great songs with the only slight annoyance of ‘podcasts in between tracks’ which whilst funny the first few times need to be skipped upon the tenth listen.  Surely I should have been sated by two high quality albums  chock full of tunes but,  i am, a greedy man and was bowled over to hear that a third album had just been released; ‘Lies and fairy tales’ [2010] Dear god how it made me happy.  Don’t just sit there.  Buy them. Buy them all.  Buy them today.

Oh, did I mention that they’re working on the fourth album?