Where have I been?!

I know you are asking yourselves where I’ve been for the past two weeks or so. Well, I’ve been here. It’s taken me a bit longer to get to new music. Even though I gave you all my top albums last time, I still have a ton of 2009 music to listen to. So that list could change. I know I would definitely add the Orange Peels and Bobby Emmett to my list, but not sure where. Anyways, I may be a bit slower getting these reviews out, but I’m still hanging around. Enjoy!

Orange Peels – 2020 – ***1/2 – Continue reading

Audities: Best of 2009

Rank Artist // Album
1 Brendan Benson // My old, familiar friend
2 Roger Klug // More help for your nerves
3 Chris Richards // Sad sounds of the Summer
3 Jason Falkner // All Quiet on the Noise Floor
5 Green Day // 21st century breakdown
6 Paul Steel // Moon Rock
7 Phoenix // Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
8 David Mead // Almost And Always
8 Tinted Windows // Tinted Windows
10 Wilco // Wilco Continue reading

Album Review: Diorama Of The Golden Lion by .357 Lover

This album actually came out a few months ago and i’ve been pretty tardy in getting around to posting a review for it.

I first heard of Corn Mo when I saw him supporting Ben Folds and posted an interview; with him back in mid 2008.  He’s back and this time he’s packing a full band.  Prepare yourself for the mighty sounds of .357 lover.

The album elicits the kind of joy you got as a child rummaging around in your Chistmas stocking wondering what you were going to pull out next.  Perhaps something fanstastic or just something silly – but always, always great.

“Thank you” wouldn’t be out of place on the Bugsy Malone soundtrack.  The guitar solo on “Sweet Kentucky Girl” is a joy to behold.  The wonderful oddness of “Junior High” which morphs from ‘Old McDonald had a farm’ to being ‘Who-esque’ to a red-neck type kind of greatness all within the first fifteen seconds.

It’s an album which is just impossible to summarise in a review – and that is exactly what makes it so great.  An album which rings through with the sound of people really having fun making an album – and their joy is infectious.

Standout tracks: Sweet Kentucky Girl, Time Cop, Your NIN Casette (I’m Sorry), Maybe tonite.