KingWart’s top albums of 2009

Hey pals, you’ve read the reviews, and it’s all leading to this moment, my list! So here it is, and keep in mind I’ve got some more 2009 releases to review in the coming weeks, but here’s my list as of this moment:

1 Mandy Moore – Amanda Leigh
2 Brendan Benson – My Old, Familiar Friend
3 Roger Klug – More Help For Your Nerves
4 Chris Richards + The Subtractions – Sad Sounds of The Summer
5 The Shazam – Meteor
6 Bleu – A Watched Pot
7 Julian Casablancas – Phrazes For The Young
8 Mika – The Boy Who Knew Too Much
9 Adam Marsland – Go West
10 Tony Cox – Unpublished

Honorable Mentions:

The Simple Carnival – Girls Aliens Food – Even though this came out in 2008, I didn’t hear it until 2009, but I loved this record this year.
Art Brut – Art Brut vs. Satan
Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears – Mad Valentines
Butterfly Boucher – Scary Fragile
Dan Bryk – Pop Psychology
David Mead – Almost and Always
Duncan Sheik – Whisper House
Elle Macho – Es Potencial!
Office – Mecca
Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson – Breakup
Switchfoot – Hello Hurricane
The Elms – The Great American Midrange
Tinted Windows – Tinted Windows

Something to Say

I always try to think of something interesting to day here. Usually I just resort to a bunch of crazy nonsense. That’s only interesting to me though. So today, I want to present to you the new me. The me who cares about you and your feelings. Here goes… Hey everybody, I hope you are enjoying my reviews as of late. This latest batch should be a fun bit of reviews. I go from indie releases, to more mainstream fare. I understand the need to put music out there that is less known, but to be honest, it is hard for me to differentiate between the two. Good music is good music, no matter how many copies are pressed. If that offends you, well then I’m sorry. (Wow, that did not go well, here’s a palate cleanser… gabba goop goop trappy ly ly!)

Taylor Mills – Under The Surface – *** – Continue reading

Music Mayhem

Hey there everybody! Ah December! That month of months! All the holiday cheer and joy, it’s enough to make you just jump in the air and scream! But, we don’t do that, do we? We’re just too scared. Scared little babies. Waah Waah! Cry all you want people, it’ll do no good. Stop screaming though…STOP IT! C’mon, we’re in public, people will stare. Oh noooo! You got me, I’m no better than you are. OK, can we make up? I’m sorry. Here, here’s some cool records for you to check out. Will that make things better? Gee, I sure hope so!

Charlotte Hatherley – New Worlds – *** – Continue reading