Rock To It!

Hey everybody! I am just cooking with these reviews lately! It’s insane! or is it just inane? I guess we’ll never know for sure! But one fact remains, and that is that if music be the food of love, then play on! Because love is VERY hungry right now, and it needs to gorge on a huge heaping platter of music, deep fried in a harmonic batter, drizzled with melody, double-dipped in a chorus of voices, served hot and fresh. Dig in!

Among The Oak & Ash – Among The Oak & Ash – ***1/2 – An album of folk songs sung by Garrison Starr and Glen Phillips, two of my favorite vocalists. And they add a certain energy to these songs, so it’s not your standard folk sound, but stays very respectful to the originals and makes it very engaging and interesting.

The Duckworth Lewis Method – The Duckworth Lewis Method – ***1/2 – A cool collection of songs from Neil Hannon (Divine Comedy) and Thomas Walsh (Pugwash) all about Cricket. But don’t let that stop you, these are just fun, cool songs. Some are old-timey, some very poppy, all great and melodic, check it out!

David Bazan – Curse Your Branches – *** – David Bazan does a great job of combining his unique vision of music, with his introspective lyrics. And it’s something you don’t get out of a lot of artists. This, his first “solo” release, seems to be even more open than Pedro the Lion stuff, though that’s only a half-step for Bazan, never shy from speaking his mind.

Brendan Benson – My Old, Familiar Friend – **** – I love Brendan Benson. There, I said it. Got a problem? OK, good then. Now that we understand each other, I love this album. After that short detour with the Raconteurs, it’s nice to hear Benson back with all the power-pop bells and whistles still on. Fun, engaging, and delicious!

Cheap Star – Speaking Like An Elephant – ***1/2 – Great power pop ala Big Star, Posies, etc. Great stuff! Stands tall among their influences to make a nice collection of songs. I can only see them getting better.

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  1. Thanks for the great reviews especially B.B.’s. I think he will continue to make great albums.

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