End of Summer

Well dang it. Summer’s over now. Now time for me to fall into a crippling depression and hibernate until next spring. Can’t wait, can ya? Ah well, we will keep chugging along so I can at least give you all a taste of the new music that came out like three months ago. But hey, what else are you gonna do? Have a fun and festive fall friends!

Ninja Gun – Restless Rubes – *** – Continue reading

It really Bloggles the mind

Hello there friends and enemies. I hope this letter is finding you well. I’m sure you’ve heard by now the really wonderful news. That’s right, this blog has become the number one source for misinformed and questionable judgement on all your favorite musics. Congratulations. Try to keep up, now would you? But, onward and upward, that’s what I always say. And today is no exception! Check out these sweeeeeet records, and let me know how you feel about them. Don’t wait! Participate!

Paul Gilbert & Freddie Nelson – United States – ***1/2 – Continue reading