It’s been a long long time.

I feel like I have left you all in the lurch. I just have been falling back on listening to new music. I have a ton in the queue, but I can’t get to it with all the other stuff I listen to. What’s that, you ask? Oh OK, since you asked… Recently I have been listening to old music I found on the Small Town Pleasures blog: so that’s been a lot of fun. I know a lot of those bands, but hearing their full albums really puts it in perspective. I also get a ton of stuff from the Power Pop Criminals blog: I listen to a ton of Podcasts, both music related and comedy related. For music, I listen to the Time Machine; Pop Garden Radio; Paste Culture Club; Coverville; shows like Come to the Sunshine and Pepperland Spicerack; WFMU’s Michael Shelley show. For comedy/general interest I listen to The Sound of Young America; Jordan, Jesse, Go!; Never Not Funny; The Best Show on WFMU; Wiretap. So if you get a chance, check those shows out! Now on the the reviews:

The Trews – No Time For Later – *** – Continue reading