Happy Independent Blog Day!

Hallo folks. It’s been quite a week. As we sit back and think about the invention of America, we must reflect on all the stuff we blowed up real good. I am also realizing it has almost been an entire year since I started writing these reviews. In fact my first review blog was on July 8 of last year. So, I suppose I should have waited a week to post that fact. But whatevs, I might not even blog next week. So yeah, that’s interesting. Here’s some stats for ya!

I have posted 32 blogs, with 5 reviews each, so I have reviewed 160 records. Wow. That actually surprises me. My weakest month was November, with only 1 post, but I made up for it, with 4 posts each the next two months. Overall, a successful experiment, I have felt really good, writing these and delivering you, my fans, a heaping helping of cool records to give a listen to. I hope you all have enjoyed it. Let’s make it 200 records for the next year!

Tony Cox – Unpublished – ***1/2 – Continue reading

I’ve hit the big time!

Hey all my loyal fans and readers, just wanted to send out a message to let you know that you’re OK. Just keep on keeping on, my friends. Hey, if you enjoy the blog, why not let your friends know. You know, we can’t just keep these things to ourselves. And with your help, we can raise the awareness of this blog ten-fold. Oh yeah! Let’s make this happen! Keep hip!

Mandy Moore – Amanda Leigh – **** – Continue reading

Music reviews – no joke!

OK, fun fun fun, that’s what this is. We’ve got a groovy set of reviews for you this week. I literally cannot come up with anything interesting to say, and you people are probably sick of my rambling. I bet you’d like me to just shut up and get on to the reviews. And I understand that, I hate it when bloggers just go on and on about whatever is important to them, and never even regard their potential audience. Like it’s like do we like really care? I mean for reals you guys and gals. So that’s why I’m gonna just move on to the reviews. Here you go, for your enjoyment, a set of reviews, that will literally climb into your brain and explode your very mind. Enjoy!

Franz Ferdinand – Tonight – **1/2 – Continue reading