Time to go!

OK, people, this is it. We gotta make this year a good one, we are finally getting a bit of a flood of new music, so I am about as happy as a clam. I would know because I am a clam. So the challenge I put out to all of you right now, is let’s go! Let’s do this thing! What thing? I don’t know. Seriously. Then why are you telling us to…? Umm, well, it just means that…uh…well you know, let’s go! Whatever.

Fastball – Little White Lies – *** – Continue reading

April Showers bring Music Reviews

Ah April. That month of months. Spring attempting, and failing, to turn into Summer. You would think it would learn that it’s just not grown up enough to make real Summer. Instead it just rains a bunch. Oh, and the bunnies come out to play of course. Imagine the month of April as a little bunny, trying to inflict pain on something. Instead, it just bats its little soft paws into it, and falls asleep before finishing the job. That’s what April is.

Alice Peacock – Love Remains – *** – Continue reading