Time Marches On – Review time

OK, I know it’s been like two weeks, but I can explain. I can’t explain. I just haven’t been listening to much new music lately. So sue me. I’d like to see you try. Oh my, so negative, I’m deeply sorry, folks, I…I…well, I just… ugh. Forget it. Just read these reviews, OK?!

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Pandora: listening with purpose?

The other day I was half-watching, half not-watching the television when a commercial for Citibank company came on with a song by the Sea and Cake called “Jacking the Ball” as the backing track. I immediately perked up – not because I’m a big Sea and Cake fan, but because that tune made a regular appearance on my Pandora feed. Much to Pandora’s credit, I had never heard of the band until it started popping up on one of my channels (same goes for the High Back Chairs, another nifty before-Pandora-unknown-to-me act). Now, the addition of commercials to Pandora last year caused a smattering of upsetfulness among listeners, but it seems that Pandora has value to advertisers beyond providing a place to expend ad budget.

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Music mayhem

So here’s another week, with another batch of reviews. I wanted to address my rating system. I feel bad, like I am always giving people 3 stars or thereabouts, which doesn’t give much to work with. It stems from this 4 star rating system, which is limiting, I suppose. I like it to be limiting, because it makes it easier for me to keep track of it. So I am going to try to explain my ratings: Continue reading