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Hey everybody! Here’s where I normally write a bunch of useless garbage and random non-sequitors, ending with a plea to read my blog. That will not happen this time, I promise. Remember, promises are the key to your eternal happiness. It only takes one to make an elephant walk. Now read my blog!!

Modern Skirts – All Of Us In Our Night – *** – Very nice record. While playing it low key for the most part, it has a blend of instruments, vocals, and atmosphere that make this very pleasing to the ears and enjoyable.

Andrew Bird – Useless Creatures – *** – I love Andrew Bird, and this instrumental companion piece to his new album is a cool addition. It starts off with some nice short pieces, but once it gets into the longer pieces, it tends to trail off into background music. Which is fine, but I think I just prefer singing for the most part.

Steve Martin – The Crow: New Songs for the 5-String Banjo – *** – Interesting record, obviously this is going to have some novelty to a lot of people, but I think the banjo songs hold up. I am not familiar with a lot of banjo music, but this sounds good to me, so who knows.

Duncan Sheik – Whisper House – ***1/2 – This is a great CD, definitely picking up after the disappointing White Limousine, and the Spring Awakening Cast Recording, which while great, didn’t have Duncan singing on it. A concept album for another musical, it plays like an actual album, I can’t even tell the story of the play. It’s interesting, exciting, and quite enjoyable. Also features great female vocals by Holly Brooke, which blend well with Sheik.

Ben Kweller – Changing Horses – *** – Cool record from Ben Kweller. I hear everyone saying, oh it’s his country album, well whatever, it still sounds like Ben Kweller. Sure there’s a slide guitar and the themes are more country, but it would never be confused for country music. It’s Kweller-twang.

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  1. Loving the new Duncan Sheik record and looking forward to when Whisper House becomes an actual show (that is to say, it is the sons from a new, unproduced-as-yet musical. Cool website, too)

    But in what universe was White Limousine “disappointing?” It had a huge pop single (the title track), beautiful arrangements and one of the best anti-war songs from the Bush era (“Star-Field On Red Lines.”)

  2. I knew I might get some backlash after writing that. I personally was a little disappointed with it. I felt it was too long, the songs were too slow, and there just seemed to be a lack of energy. I do really like the title song, it has all the elements of a great Duncan Sheik song. I also respect the arrangements, and it looks like he worked hard on it. I just had a hard time sitting though it. I have always had a bit of trouble enjoying his slower songs. Some are beautiful and great but others sort of lay stagnant. Now this is just my opinion and I don’t expect you to cow tow to it, we all find different things to enjoy in our music.

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