The Last of 2008

OK, this is it, the final review blog of 2008. It was a great year for music, but 2009 looks like it will be hitting us with some winners. Find out more in my next exciting blog! It’s getting kinda crazy around here, what with all the winter madness shaking things up. Hey! I just saw an awesome concert yesterday, by Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles. A fun, rip-roarin’ show, I even got to meet the band, a bunch of nice fellas and lady. Check my facebook for pics. Otherwise, have fun for ’09!

For The Kids Three – *** – As kids albums go, this one is the coolest, but I’m not sure how that translates to kids. I can see kids liking some of the more traditional fare on here, but much of it might be a bit too smart for most kids.

Longwave – Secrets Are Sinister – *** – I like Longwave quite a bit, and this album is basically more of what I like, I don’t see a lot of difference from previous albums, so that’s a bit disappointing, but otherwise, it’s a pretty good album.

Aprilsrain – Stellar Transmission – *** – Another band I saw on a year-end list. It is a pretty good album, very interesting, mellow, yet enough pop-i-tude to get me through the day.

Shane Nicholson – Familiar Ghosts – *** – Good stuff from Shane Nicholson, he does great in the world of mainstream pop, doing something that is both interesting and unique, but using the tools of solid rock/pop songs.

Tahiti 80 – Activity Center – *** – I like this band a bunch, this album does keep that style up and running, while not having some of the catchier songs found on many of their previous albums, but it is still enjoyable.

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  1. Another SBBS fan is born!

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