After the Fact, the Stinging Aftertaste of 2008

I’m sure many of you face the same struggle after all those year end lists come in. People obviously have varied tastes, and it is often difficult to tell if you will like something someone puts on a list. I submit to you these reviews of 5 CD’s I saw on best of ’08 lists and tried out. With the exception of Scot Sax, they are all new artists to me. And the results are mixed, some I really liked, some fell a bit flat. I think there is a tendency for high expectations (if they put it on a list it must be GREAT!!) Good luck.

The Revisionists – The Revisionists – *** –Fun and cool rock/pop. A very enjoyable record. High energy and short.

Paper or Plastic – Don’t Be Like That – *** – Good, mid-tempo pop. There some really fun songs and is presented very well. A little too much of the 80’s-esque sounds, including a non-ironic sax solo, but that can be overlooked for the most part.

Peter Adams – I Woke With Planets in My Eyes – *** – Very good pop, with a lot more experimental/atmospheric elements. It is enjoyable, but I like a bit more punch with my music.

Scot Sax – While She Was Working EP – ***1/2 – This is a cool record from Scot Sax, very subdued and experimental, but interesting and good.

Tim Ten Yen – Everything Beautiful – *** – Good, keyboard heavy pop. Interesting vocal style and unique lyrics, but lacking the bite I like in my music.

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