2008 is over!

OK, now that 2008 is done, we can start reviewing 2009 records, right? Well, not quite. I still have some 2008 releases to gab about. Oh wait, nobody really cares, huh? Well OK then. But most of these records were not really candidates for my best of list, so if you wanted to see one of these on that list, this is the reason. So enjoy and have fun!

Rob Bonfiglio – Bring On The Happy – ***1/2 – Awesome set of songs from Rob, who just has a fantastic style of clean crisp pop, soaring overhead and makes you feel great.

Billie The Vision & The Dancers – I Used To Wander These Streets – *** – A very low-key and introspective record. While lyrically very playful and interesting, it is bedded by a soft musical landscape, which works great. Overall a very fine record.

Lazlo Bane – Guilty Pleasures – *** – Fairly good covers record. It is a bit long, though, and many of the songs are not altered too much, only in vocal style. But there are some highlights, including a rousing rendition of “Lime in the Coconut”, some appropriately stark renditions of songs like “All By Myself” and “I’m Not In Love”

The All-American Rejects – When The World Comes Down – *** – Good solid radio-ready pop songs. Not a lot of depth here, but it is enjoyable none the less. If you are looking for crisp, shiny, pop songs, to just have fun with, this is it.

Stars On Mars – Poster – ***1/2 – Cool swedish pop. Great female vocals with attitude. It plays out much like a rockier version of Persephone’s Bees. Some very great, fun songs on here.

3 Responses

  1. Lol, “Poster” by Stars on Mars is a fantastic glam influenced record that’s on my best of 1993 list 🙂 .

    A 2nd cd “Songbook” was issues in 1994.


    – Michael

  2. Boy don’t I feel dumb. It’s weird, I have no idea how I even found out about them. I just downloaded the files and had it in my queue to listen to, but by the time I got to it, I forgot if it was old or new. I ended up going to allmusic.com, which had 2008 listed as the year. So I just assumed, but I think I knew all along it was older. Well was I right about the Swedish thing? I have no clue.

  3. Swedish, ya’. There’s 9 Stars On Mars videos which appear to have been posted by one of the gal singers on YouTube.


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